The only threat to airline travel is prohibited items
getting through checkpoints and onto planes. 


In reality, security must adapt to prevent the next attack.
We must quickly assess, and react to, active shooter scenarios such as the one last November 2013 in LAX.
Any area where the public waits to board planes, trains or other forms of public transportation must be protected. 

Security systems for safer US transporation hubs

U.S. transportation hubs require pre-emptive security measures.

The transportation network is critical to U.S. economic vitality. From airports to active rail, ports to bridges, this interdependent networked system moves millions of passengers and millions of tons of goods. A well-coordinated outdoor attack has the potential to cause widespread disruption of commerce as inflicting damage on the nation’s quality of life.

All sector partners from government agencies to private industry stakeholders are charged with ensuring the security of all branches of the transportation network. When seeking a security solution designed to address gunfire, insist on technology that will identify gunfire with precision and speed to reduce response time and save. ShotSpotter SiteSecure is the only technology that provides the ability to detect and locate outdoor gunfire in a single turnkey technology platform.

Security operations and first responders will be notified of gunfire at your facility within seconds, and be alerted to the precise location of that gunfire, the number of rounds fired, and additional situational awareness through verified alerts. Our first of a kind outdoor technology provides a complete dome of protection within and around any transportation hub.

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Providing security operation and first
responders with real-time data and
instant situational awareness.

ShotSpotter SiteSecure advanced gunfire detection and reporting features are crucial to any comprehensive security platform. By design, ShotSpotter SiteSecure affords the rapid transmission of real-time alerts and incident data to provide extremely accurate situational awareness.

SST has a proven track record of providing unparalled gunshot detection, location and alert technology. During an attack, notification of the shooting and shooters’ locations will occur almost immediately, followed by a continuous stream of situational updates throughout the incident. This proven track record of accuracy combined with advanced real-time reporting has earned ShotSpotter SiteSecure the nationwide recognition of Law Enforcement as a reliable and trusted resource.

A vital component to an effective transportation security plan, ShotSpotter SiteSecure sets itself apart from current market solutions by delivering:

  • Wide areas of detection; ShotSpotter SiteSecure can detect gunfire from any angle of attack with and provides detection capabilities well outside the boundaries of a protected substation’s perimeter. This 360 Degree Geo-located Incident Detection eliminates any acoustic “blind spots.”
  • Robust, managed network. ShotSpotter SiteSecure operates on SST’s trusted 24/7 monitoring network, maximizing oversight and the reliability of real-time incident notifications. Unlike on-site solutions, SST’s cloud-based architecture eliminates the possibility of single point failures.
  • Law Enforcement’s respect and recognition. ShotSpotter is known and trusted among Law Enforcement. Incidents coded as ShotSpotter-detected gunfire, receive a high response priority compared to other calls for service.
  • Cost Effective Solution.

    • A small number of sensors provide comprehensive incident detection.
    • Managed, cloud-based system requires no customer overhead or on-premises server or I.T. support.
    • Our purpose-built sensor technology has a proven lifecycle in extreme conditions.
    • SiteSecure is available in 5- and 10-year lifecycle fixed pricing configurations.