Protect Your Staff, Visitors & Physical Assets from Gunfire

Identify and Accurately Locate Gunshots in Seconds

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Seconds Matter when Shots are Fired

  • Businesses, schools and colleges are often targets of gun violence with statistics showing, on average, more than one incident per month in the U.S.
  • The FBI and other intelligence sources have warned about new threats of potential armed violence to state capitols, city halls and other government buildings.
  • The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recommends organizations be trained and prepared for an active shooter situation.
  • Analyses show that the average active shooter incident lasts 12 minutes or less, and the first calls to 911 don’t typically come in for a number of minutes.
  • Real-time active shooter alerts are critical so that first responders can arrive almost instantaneously to the proper location with as much situational awareness as possible to save more lives.
  • Past tragedies have shown that shooters will not stop until they are confronted by law enforcement.

ShotSpotter Protects…


Protect your employees, shoppers, and your assets from gunfire with real-time active shooter alerts and situational awareness for security, police and first responders.

Government Facilities

Detect gunfire threats around your premises to protect public officials and visitors at federal, state and local government facilities with real-time alerts for immediate security and police response.

Transportation & Logistics

Spread out warehouses and logistics facilities are hard to secure. Protect your staff and assets with real-time gunshot alerts and situational awareness for police and security personnel.


Active shooter incidents are on the rise. Protect your staff and physical assets with real-time alerts. Ensure police and first responders will arrive at the precise location of a shooting event.

Critical Infrastucture

A physical perimeter defense, capable of detecting gunfire attacks in seconds, can thwart critical infrastructure attacks.

Entertainment Venues

Are you ready for an active shooter situation? Make every second matter with real-time alerts and situational awareness for police and first responders.

Protecting Facilities Every Day

  • SiteSecure identifies, locates and alerts law enforcement to gunfire.
  • ShotSpotter’s security solution is like a fire alarm for shooting incidents: it provides immediate notification with a specific location and can offer a life-saving time advantage.
  • ShotSpotter detects outdoor threats around your facility and the surrounding area so you can protect your staff, visitors, and physical assets.

Securing Your Facilities

No matter how prepared you are, timely information leads to a better response. Our round-the-clock gunshot monitoring gives you the peace of mind that you are ready to respond quickly.


Detect 90% of gunfire within 60 seconds


Get a precise location of the gunfire incident within 25 meters


Alerts are sent to dispatch or mobile devices so facility or local police can get to crime scene quickly

How Gunshot Detection Works

Image of ShotSpotter sensors detecting a gunshot

Gun is fired

When a gun is fired, the sound of a muzzle blast radiates outward.


Detection and Location

Acoustic sensors installed around the corporate campus are triggered by the impulsive sound. It’s machine classified as a gunshot using AI while triangulation determines the precise location.


Review and Alert

Reviewers in ShotSpotter’s Incident Review Center verify the gunshot and publish an alert to the security team and police in under 60 seconds.



The security team initiates safety protocols based on the alert while police respond to the scene.


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