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ShotSpotter is an important tool for police departments in the fight against gun violence.

ShotSpotter gives officers an opportunity to make a greater impact on gun violence. By itself, it is not a cure-all, but when used as part of a comprehensive gun crime response strategy, it can contribute to positive outcomes for the police and the community.

ShotSpotter Enables Police to Have Greater Impact

Oakland, CA


reduction in
shootings per square mile

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Cincinnati, OH


reduction in
Avondale shootings

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Chicago, IL


reduction in
Englewood shootings

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Las Vegas, NV


reduction in violent crime during pilot (expanding from 6 to 23 mi2)

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Baltimore, MD


reduction in shootings from the prior year

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Greenville, NC


reduction in gun violence injuries in first year

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Newport News, VA

13% & 886

reduction in shootings; illegal weapons seized (2019)

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Toledo, OH

70 & 50

arrests and firearms seized in just over 10 months

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West Palm Beach, FL

60% & 65%

reduction in homicides and other gun incidents with injuries YTD

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Pittsburgh, PA


reduction in homicides year-over-year

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Denver, CO


arrests made with the
help of ShotSpotter

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Salinas, CA


gunfire reduction compared to the same time last year (Jan-Oct)

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Camden County, NJ


decrease in homicides
by shootings

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Bakersfield, CA


arrests in first 9 months of deployment

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Columbus, OH

133 & 3

arrests in 16 months and
known lives saved

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Miami, FL


reduction in homicides from 2014-2017

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Pittsburgh, PA


gunshot victims found with
the help of ShotSpotter

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Sacramento, CA


positive contacts with the community

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San Diego, CA


homicides down from prior year

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Fort Myers, FL


reduction in homicides over prior year

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Columbia, SC

21 & 30

arrests and firearms seized in first 2 months of operation (2019)

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ShotSpotter Aids Police Everyday

WJZ13 Baltimore

ShotSpotter alert lead officers to a man in critical condition

Officers responded to a ShotSpotter alert and found a man sitting in a car suffering from gunshot wounds to his body. He was taken to an area hospital where he is in critical but stable condition. Read More


Three arrested after ShotSpotter activation

Police arrested three people after ShotSpotter was activated in central Bakersfield. The suspect was placed under arrest for negligent discharge of a firearm, participation in a criminal street gang, resisting/delaying an officer and felon in possession of ammunition. Read More

@ColumbusPolice, Twitter

ShotSpotter alert lead officers to locate a gunshot victim

Officers responded to a ShotSpotter alert and located an adult male that had been shot. The victim was transported to an area hospital in stable condition. Read More


Elderly Man Lucky to be Alive After Assassination Type Shooting in H-Block

Boston Police arrived on scene quickly by responding to a radio call and ShotSpotter activation and located a grey Jeep that had been shot up and had significant ballistic damage. Inside of the vehicle an elderly gentleman was located bleeding from the head. Read More

@RPD_PSI, Twitter

Shotspotter alert lead officers to a gunshot victim, followed by investigation and arrest

Rochester police officer discovered a 39-year-old male shot in the chest by responding to a ShotSpotter activation. Coordinated effort by officers, investigators, & crime analysts resulted in the quick arrest of a parolee, and recovery of 2 illegal guns. Read More

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Shotspotter alert lead police to arrest, and the recovery of guns and armor

Little Rock police arrested a man with a gun in his hand after responding to a Shotspotter activation. Police executed a search warrant and found body armor and guns inside the residence. Read More

@Chicago_Police, Twitter

Shotspotter alert lead officers to the recovery of weapons, narcotics and body armor

ShotSpotter alert in the @ChicagoCAPS06 near the 700 block of E. 92nd Pl. earlier this week lead officers to the recovery of multiple weapons, various narcotics and body armor. Two individuals were taken into custody and charged accordingly. Read More

@NYPDPSA2, Twitter

NYPD Housing PSA 2 patrol cops rapid response to a ShotSpotter activation for multiple shots

Followed by timely dissemination of intel to the field & FIO, the illegal gun was removed and the person in possession was arrested. Read More

ABC30 Fresno

Fresno Chief Attributes Quick Response to Downtown Shooting to ShotSpotter

Many thankful the suspect was stopped almost immediately. Police Chief Jerry Dyer attributes officer's quick response to ShotSpotter technology. Read More

ABC15 Arizona

ShotSpotter Technology Helps Arrest Serial Shooter in Arizona

Ten of the incidents happened on or next to the apartment complex. Glendale investigators found a lot of shell casings, in large part due to Shotspotter technology. Read More


Dayton police arrest 3 in armed robbery with help from ShotSpotter

Police contracted with ShotSpotter to cut down on random gunfire and gun violence. On Friday, an alert helped officers make multiple arrests and recover a victim’s stolen property. Read More


Baltimore Police officer fatally shoots male who was firing upon a crowd in Broadway East, commissioner says

Officers were called at 6 p.m. to North Chester Street in the Broadway East neighborhood by a ShotSpotter gun detection system alert and encountered an armed male who “at that time, we believe, had been firing that weapon in this block," Harrison said. Read More (New York)

Shooting near Wolf St. leaves one dead, one wounded; multiple shots fired incidents reported

According to information mentioned on Syracuse’s police scanner, the city’s ShotSpotter technology reported 17 gun shots in the incident. About 15 minutes later, police had placed at least 17 yellow markers in the middle of the road on Martin Luther King East. Read More


Policía arresta a sujeto por disparar al aire

Una alerta del Sistema de detección de disparos “Shot Spotter” llevó a los agentes del precinto de Monte Hatillo hasta el Residencial Jardines de Campo Rico, en Río Piedras, donde en la madrugada de hoy arrestaron a un individuo al que le ocuparon una pistola y narcóticos. Read More

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

One person facing a murder charge after police raids in Henrietta, Rochester

Officers were called to the area after a ShotSpotter activation and then located Ubiles in the backyard of a home on neighboring Caspar Street. Read More

WBTW News13

‘Shotspotter’ technology catches SC man on firearms, ammo charges

Evidence shows that officers of the Columbia Police Department responded to a “ShotSpotter” alert of several shots fired on Oakland Avenue. Read More

Hartford Courant, Hartford, CT

Two Hartford men arrested after police investigate three shootings in the city

Officers responding to 180 Franklin Ave. about 3:15 p.m. Friday following a ShotSpotter alert found spent bullet casings and property damage. Read More

KGET, Bakersfield, CA

19-year-old arrested after ShotSpotter alerts police

A man is behind bars this morning after ShotSpotter notified Bakersfield Police Department of gunfire. Read More

WMAR, Baltimore, MD

ShotSpotter alert leads to gun arrest in Baltimore

ShotSpotter alert leads to a gun arrest in Baltimore. Read More

FOX6, Milwaukee, WI

Two in custody following shots fired incident, police pursuit in Milwaukee

Officers were initially called out to the area of 28th and Fond du Lac around 2:15 a.m. after ShotSpotter alerted officers to shots fired. Read More

The City of Worcester, MA

ShotSpotter Activation Leads to Arrest for Defaced Firearm

On Sunday, March 10th, 2019, at about 3 AM, Worcester Police officers were dispatched to 98 Southgate Street for a report of a ShotSpotter activation. Read More

FOX 28, Columbus, Ohio

Arrest made after Columbus ShotSpotter detects gunshots

An arrest was made after Columbus Police's ShotSpotter technology detected shots fired early Saturday morning. Read More

Local News 10 - Newport News, VA

Chief Says ShotSpotter a game changer

“There are 16 people, 16 less families affected by gun violence in the city right now..." Illegal firearms recoveries up 33% Read More

My Stateline, Rockford, IL

ShotSpotter alerts Rockford police to shots fired at an apartment complex

Rockford police investigate shots fired call at an apartment complex, after being tipped off by ShotSpotter. Read More

WLKY, Oldham County, KY

ShotSpotter technology helps locate Oldham County porch thief, police say

Officers arrested Matthew Stewart Friday after ShotSpotter technology pinpointed a location. Read More

FOX 16, Little Rock, AK

ShotSpotter Calls LRPD to Homicide, Victim Worked to Stop Violence in LR

Police say no one called 911 about shots being fired, but the gunshot was picked up by the new ShotSpotter technology. Read More

NBC, Columbus, Ohio

ShotSpotter leads to arrest of former OSU wide receiver

An Ohio man was arrested Saturday after ShotSpotter alerted police to shots fired in the Linden area. Read More

Turn to 23, Bakersfield, CA

BPD arrests man following ShotSpotter activation in East Bakersfield

The Bakersfield Police Department arrested a man, following a ShotSpotter Activation in East Bakersfield. Read More

News-Press, Ft. Myers, FL

Fort Myers police make arrest in Feb. 1 shooting near school

A ShotSpotter alert led police to three victims, near Franklin Park School, in the 2200 block of Henderson Avenue. Read More

Peoria Star Journal, Peoria, IL

Man pleads guilty to 2017 shooting incident

Police were summoned to the area after a ShotSpotter alert. Read More

East Bay Times, Oakland, CA

DA charges three in Oakland robbery, shooting of TV station crew

Police responded to a report of a robbery and shooting after a ShotSpotter activation in the 1000 block of 81st Avenue about 4:55 p.m. Sunday. Read More

WREX, Rockford, IL

Man arrested after police use ‘ShotSpotter’ technology

Man arrested after police use ‘ShotSpotter’ technology. Read More

CBS, Pittsburgh, PA

Police Make Arrest in Homewood Fatal Shooting

Police officers responded to their gunshot detection system, ShotSpotter, near the intersection of North Lang Avenue and Felicia Way in the early morning hours on Dec. 23. Read More

CBS 47, FOX 30, Jacksonville, FL

ShotSpotter, real-time crime center technology alerted police to recent Jacksonville murder

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office says the city’s new gunfire-sensing technology, ShotSpotter, alerted them to the shooting just before midnight and they were able to respond quickly. Read More

WNCT, Greenville, NC

GPD uses new 'ShotSpotter' technology designed to make the community safer

Thanks to 'ShotSpotter' intelligence, Officer Nick Carnevale made an arrest in a shooting on Kennedy Circle this week. Read More

WSBT CBS, South Bend, IN

South Bend police say online dating meetup ended in shootout

Police were first alerted to the shooting from ShotSpotter, which sent them to the N. Kaley address. Read More

FOX 61, New Haven, CT

PD: man shot multiple times on street in New Haven

Police say they were alerted by their ShotSpotter system of gunfire on Elm Street at Howe Street at 2:40 a.m. Saturday. Read More

Columbus Dispatch, Columbus, OH

One month after ShotSpotter went live, system paying dividends

In the first three weeks that the ShotSpotter gunshot-detection system was active in the Hilltop neighborhood, an average of nearly four reports of recorded gunshots a day were sent to Columbus police. Read More

FOX 28 Columbus, OH

Police seeing large increase in shots reported since ShotSpotter installed

There are more examples of ShotSpotter in police reports and different crimes.
Police say it alerted them within eight seconds of shots fired on the Westside last month, later arresting the shooter. Police said they believe the technology has been successful, saying they've seen a 60 to 70% increase in shots that weren't reported before.
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WFLA, Tampa, FL

ShotSpotter leads deputies to possible home invasion

A HCSO spokesperson said the ShotSpotter detected gunfire at 2:30 a.m. in the 12000 block of 15th Street in Tampa.
Deputies arrived at the scene and learned of a possible home invasion in the area. Read More

Independent Study on ShotSpotter Effectiveness

Urban Institute “Lessons Learned Implementing Gunshot Technology” 2019

50% to 89%

Improvement in shell casing recovery in homicide cases involving a firearm with gunshot detection technology

12% to 41%

Improvement in shell casing recovery in robberies involving a firearm with gunshot detection technology

“The most promising aspect of GDT identified through this implementation evaluation is its integration with other investigative tools, such as the ATF’s NIBIN and its firearm eTrace program.”

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