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ShotSpotter is an important tool for police departments in the fight against gun violence.

ShotSpotter gives officers an opportunity to make a greater impact on gun violence. By itself, it is not a cure-all, but when used as part of a comprehensive gun crime response strategy, it can contribute to positive outcomes for the police and the community.

ShotSpotter Enables Police to Have Greater Impact


Oakland Police Department (OPD) has incorporated ShotSpotter data as a critical component in its initiatives to fight and reduce gun violence, and the data show there has been significant progress in these efforts, with a 29% overall reduction in gunfire incidents per day from 2012-2017, and a 71% decrease in gunfire incidents per square mile from 2012-2017.


decrease in gunfire incidents per square mile from 2012-2017

ShotSpotter data is used regularly by OPD investigators, prosecutors, crime analysts and law enforcement partners to solve and prosecute cases, and to analyze trends and hotspots for more targeted enforcement of shooters.

Source: Oakland Police Department

Source: Sacramento Police Department


ShotSpotter has detected 1,905 gunfire incidents, resulting in 142 arrests, 132 guns taken off the street and also resulted in 3,600 positive interactions in the community according to Sacramento Police Department statistics.




gun seizures

ShotSpotter credited for solving homicide in St. Louis