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Hear the Impact of ShotSpotter on Police Agencies

ShotSpotter is a tool that gives officers an opportunity to make a greater impact on gun violence.

By itself, it is not a cure-all, but when used as part of a comprehensive gun crime response strategy, it can contribute to positive outcomes for the police and the community.

ShotSpotter Helps Save Lives

Pittsburgh, PA

reduction in
homicides year-over-year
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Greenville, NC

reduction in
gun violence injuries in first year
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West Palm Beach, FL

60% & 65%
reduction in homicides and other gun incidents with injuries YTD
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San Diego, CA

homicides down
from prior year
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Pittsburgh, PA

Gunshot victims found with the help of ShotSpotter
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Miami, FL

reduction in
homicides from 2014-2017
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Camden, NJ

4 min
reduction in
GSW victims transport time
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Fort Myers, FL

reduction in
homicides over prior year
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Camden County, NJ

decrease in
homicides by shootings
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ShotSpotter Leads Police to Unreported Gunfire


of gunfire incidents
were not called into 911

Source: Brookings Institute, Carr and Doleac (2016): “The geography, incidence, and underreporting of gun violence: new evidence using ShotSpotter data” Brookings Institute Read Study
ShotSpotter 911 call data value report graphic

ShotSpotter Contributes to Reductions in Shootings

Oakland, CA

reduction in
shootings per square mile
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Cincinnati, OH

reduction in
Avondale shootings
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St. Louis County, MO

reduction in assaults compared to
areas without ShotSpotter
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Rochester, NY

decrease in
gunshot incidents
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Las Vegas, NV

reduction in violent crime during pilot (expanding from 6 to 23 sq mi)
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Fort Myers, FL

decrease in gunfire
in 2020
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Baltimore, MD

reduction in
shootings from the prior year
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Newport News, VA

reduction in
shootings (2019)
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Plymouth County, MA

decrease in firearm
related crime
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ShotSpotter Alerts Lead Police to Collect Evidence, Seize Firearms, Make Arrests, and Solve Cases

50% to 89%

Improvement in shell casing recovery in homicide cases involving a firearm with gunshot detection technology

12% to 41%

Improvement in shell casing recovery in robberies involving a firearm with gunshot detection technology

“The most promising aspect of GDT identified through this implementation evaluation is its integration with other investigative tools, such as the ATF’s NIBIN and its firearm eTrace program.”

Justice Evaluation Journal

Pittsburgh, PA

of crimes solved from alerts in ShotSpotter areas vs 10% in non-coverage areas
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Columbus, OH

133 & 132
arrests and guns off
the streets in 16 months
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Newport News, VA

illegal weapons
seized (2019)
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Toledo, OH

70 & 50
arrests and firearms
seized in just over 10 months
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Denver, CO

increase in arrests
since 2015
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Bakersfield, CA

50 & 37
arrests and guns
seized in the first year
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Communities Support ShotSpotter


agree ShotSpotter is an effective way to reduce crime


would recommend ShotSpotter to other neighborhoods

Cincinnati Price Hill ShotSpotter survey evaluation report (2019)

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Everyday ShotSpotter Contributes to
Precision Responses and Community Safety

WGN9, Chicago

ShotSpotter alert led officer to save a

Two Chicago police officers were first on scene for a ShotSpotter alert and credited with saving a 13-year-old by immediately transporting the boy in their squad car.
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25 NEWS - WEEK Peoria, IL

ShotSpotter alert led officer to save a victim's life

Officers first responded to the scene for a ShotSpotter alert of multiple rounds fired. They gave aid to the victim until he was transported to an area hospital.
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MyPE, South Africa

Gunshot victim’s life saved thanks to quick response to Shotspotter alert

A man from Helenvale has much to be grateful for after first responders came to his aid within minutes after he was wounded in the neck. This, thanks to an alert from Shotspotter technology that simultaneously informs the Metro Police and the South African Police Services of gunfire in the area.
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@ColumbiaPDSC, Twitter

Officer rendered first aid to a serious gunshot victim after responding to ShotSpotter alert

Columbia Police responded to two ShotSpotter alerts. The male victim was found outside of a residence with serious injuries. An officer initially rendered first aid before EMS arrived.
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NBC5, Chicago

ShotSpotter alert lead officers to an unresponsive pregnant women with gunshot wound

She was rushed to the hospital in critical condition but later died, police said. The woman was eight months pregnant and doctors were able to deliver her baby, who remains in critical condition.
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KCRA3 Sacramento, CA

ShotSpotter identified at least 19 shootings over the weekend

Sacramento police officers made 10 gun-related arrests throughout the weekend, resulting in nine illegal firearm seizures and at least 94 rounds of bullets recovered. Of the 19 shootings recorded by ShotSpotter, 13 were not reported to law enforcement.
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TribLIVE Pittsburgh, PA

Cops responding to Shotspotter alert may have prevented a tragedy

Pittsburgh police officers responding to a Shotspotter alert find gas line ruptured by gunfire; homes evacuated
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@RPD_PSI Rochester, Twitter

ShotSpotter alert lead officers to a gunshot victim, followed by investigation and arrest

Rochester police officer discovered a 39-year-old male shot in the chest by responding to a ShotSpotter activation. The coordinated effort by officers, investigators, & crime analysts resulted in the quick arrest of a parolee, and recovery of 2 illegal guns.
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@NYPDPSA2, Twitter

NYPD Housing PSA 2 patrol cops rapid response to a ShotSpotter activation for multiple shots

Followed by timely dissemination of intel to the field & FIO, the illegal gun was removed and the person in possession was arrested.
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ABC30 Fresno

Fresno Chief Attributes Quick Response to Downtown Shooting to ShotSpotter

Many thankful the suspect was stopped almost immediately. Police Chief Jerry Dyer attributes officer's quick response to ShotSpotter technology.
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ABC15 Arizona

ShotSpotter Technology Helps Arrest Serial Shooter in Arizona

Ten of the incidents happened on or next to the apartment complex. Glendale investigators found a lot of shell casings, in large part due to Shotspotter technology.
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Policía arresta a sujeto por disparar al aire

Una alerta del Sistema de detección de disparos “Shot Spotter” llevó a los agentes del precinto de Monte Hatillo hasta el Residencial Jardines de Campo Rico, en Río Piedras, donde en la madrugada de hoy arrestaron a un individuo al que le ocuparon una pistola y narcóticos.
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Local News 10 - Newport News, VA

Chief Says ShotSpotter a game changer

“There are 16 people, 16 less families affected by gun violence in the city right now..." Illegal firearms recoveries up 33%
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FOX 16, Little Rock, AK

ShotSpotter Calls LRPD to Homicide, Victim Worked to Stop Violence in LR

Police say no one called 911 about shots being fired, but the gunshot was picked up by the new ShotSpotter technology.
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