Success Stories

ShotSpotter Customer Results

Learn how police agencies are seeing success with reducing gun violence using ShotSpotter.

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Success Story: Las Vegas

In the first six months, the city experienced a 26 percent reduction in violent crime for a persistent hotspot. In the first nine months, the city reported a 43 percent reduction in murders in the same key area covered by ShotSpotter.

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Success Story: Omaha

The number of gun assault victims citywide has dropped 56% between 2011 and 2019. The highest court in Nebraska ruled that acoustic data is admissible evidence in court, with ShotSpotter providing forensic services in support of trial attorneys.

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Success Story: Toledo

In its first day of operation with ShotSpotter, the agency received a gunfire alert and was able to make a same day arrest. In just the first ten months, the Toledo Police Department made 70 arrests and recovered more than 50 illegal guns that are now off the streets.

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Success Story: Greenville

2019 results showed violent crime in the city down seven percent, homicides decreased by 20 percent, and gun violence injuries reduced by 29 percent in ShotSpotter coverage areas as compared to 2018.

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Success Story: San Pablo

The San Pablo Police Department found that after adopting ShotSpotter through to 2017 the gunfire rate dropped by 74 percent and gang activity by 76 percent.

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Success Story: Integrating Gunfire Alerts with Agency Technology

A digital ShotSpotter gunfire alert with the precise geolocation of an incident is a foundational platform for integration with other public safety technologies such as moving PTZ cameras in the direction of gunfire for a better view, focusing license plate reader searches to an area of possible ingress or egress, or mapping gunfire incidents to domain awareness systems in real-time crime centers.

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Success Story: NYPD

Read about the New York City Police Department's use of ShotSpotter since 2015.

“ShotSpotter alerts officers to the scene to suppress further violence; to gather ballistic evidence; to locate relevant surveillance video; and to canvas the neighborhood for people who may have seen or heard something. Any of this evidence might provide decisive when investigators are trying to build a case against gang members or other violent criminals in the area.”

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Success Story: Campus Shooting

A late night shooting incident in a popular bar area near a world-class west coast university was swiftly contained and two suspects apprehended thanks to coordinated efforts by campus and city police, aided by ShotSpotter’s SecureCampus Technology.

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