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AU 2004207239 : System and method for identifying and locating an acoustic event (SNIPER)

  • Type: Foreign
  • Application Number: 2004207239
  • Publication Date: Aug 12 2004
  • Filing Date: Jan 22 2004
  • Abstract:

    A system and method for detecting, identifying, and fixing the location of the source of an acoustic event. The inventive system includes: a plurality of sensors dispersed at somewhat regular intervals throughout a monitored area; a communication network adapted to deliver information from the sensors to a host processor; and a process within the host processor for determining, from the absolute times of arrival of an event at two or more sensors, a position of the source of the event. Acoustic events are detected and analyzed at each sensor so that the sensor transmits over the network: an identifier from the type of event; and a precise absolute time of arrival of the event at the sensor. In a preferred embodiment, the system also identifies the type of weapon firing a shot.

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