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7,796,470: Acoustic detection of weapons near transportation centers

  • Type: US
  • Application Number: 11/973,294
  • Publication Date: Oct 5 2007
  • Filing Date: Oct 5 2006
  • Abstract:

    Systems and methods are disclosed for determining location of a weapon firing incident. In one exemplary embodiment, there is provided a system for determining the location of a weapon firing incident in proximate position to a region traversed by vehicles. The system includes a first set of sensors associated with a first sub-region of the region, for detecting the weapon firing incident and for generating an output, and a processing component that determines a location of the weapon firing incident based upon the output. Moreover, the system may also include a second set of sensors arranged to detect the weapon firing incident along the travel path traversed by the vehicles and for generating a second output. Other exemplary embodiments may include arrangements of the sensors in patterns is associated with sub-regions and/or travel path as well as weapon fire location processing features.

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