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7,755,495: Systems and methods of identifying/locating weapon fire including aerial deployment

  • Type: US
  • Application Number: 11/981757
  • Publication Date: Jul 13 2010
  • Filing Date: Oct 30 2007
  • Abstract:

    Systems and methods are disclosed for locating the source of an acoustic event. In one exemplary implementation, there is provided a method of locating the source of an acoustic event by receiving/processing information from at least three sensors aerially deployed across an area to be monitored, wherein each of the at sensors has a microphone for detecting the acoustic event and a known location, the at least three aerial deployed sensors are networked, and time of arrival processing of the acoustic event is performed. In further exemplary implementations, an approximate location of the source of the acoustic event may be determined as a function of arrival time and sensor location data.

  • More Information: USPTO record