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7,719,428: Systems and methods of communications for weapon detection systems

  • Type: US
  • Application Number: 11/981619
  • Publication Date: May 18 2010
  • Filing Date: Oct 30 2007
  • Abstract:

    Systems and methods are disclosed for data processing associated with acoustic events such as weapon fire. In one exemplary implementation, there is provided a method of processing communications associated with identifying or locating a weapon fire event. Moreover, the method may include processing communications from a plurality of sensors deployed across an area to be monitored, wherein the sensors are interconnected via a wireless network, processing signals communicated over the network from each sensor that detects the acoustic event, and determining a location of a source of the acoustic event as a function of time of arrival information and sensor location information. Other exemplary implementations may include using time of arrival data that is synchronous/universal among the sensors.

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