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7,710,278: Systems and methods of identifying/locating weapon fire using envelope detection

  • Type: US
  • Application Number: 11/981710
  • Publication Date: May 4 2010
  • Filing Date: Oct 30 2007
  • Abstract:

    Systems and methods are disclosed for processing gunshot information. In one exemplary implementation, there is provided a method for processing gunshot information via identification of characteristics of detected gunfire. Moreover, the method may include detecting a particular gunshot event, deriving envelope information for the particular gunshot event, accessing one or more known envelopes associated with known gunshot events, and associating the particular gunshot event with a known weapon or known weapon types as a function of a comparison of the envelope information of the particular gunshot event with known envelope information associated with one or more known weapons. Other exemplary implementations may include comparing attack, sustain, and delay characteristics of the particular gunshot event with known attack, sustain, and decay characteristics associated with the known weapon.

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