Strategic Partners

We are proud to work closely with our Strategic Partners and share a common vision for helping to make communities safer.

ShotSpotter and Verizon announced a partnership in early 2018 to bring the ShotSpotter solution to cities through Verizon’s Light Sensory Network, an IoT platform deployed on street lights.

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In August 2018, the companies expanded the partnership to enable Verizon to resell the stand-alone ShotSpotter solution in addition to the integrated solution as part of the Light Sensory Network.

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Anti-Trafficking International (ATI) has launched the National Human Trafficking Intelligence Center (NHTIC), a comprehensive, intelligence-driven solution to support law enforcement in recovering youth quickly and getting traffickers off the streets. To bolster the initiative, ATI has teamed up with ShotSpotter to deploy its innovative ShotSpotter Investigate™ solution for a one-year pilot with the NHTIC.  ShotSpotter Investigate will be used as the central digital case folder for the NHTIC, streamlining the efforts to capture, analyze, connect the dots and provide reporting and real-time intelligence, assisting in the recovery of those being victimized more quickly and efficiently.

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Integration Services/Notification Engine API

Coordinate multiple technology platforms to provide real-time intelligence

ShotSpotter gunshot location and time data are used automatically by many police and security systems in real-time to enhance the response and investigative follow up to a gunshot incident. For example, a ShotSpotter integration can:

  • Point and zoom cameras in the direction of a gunfire incident as it is happening
  • Display precise gunshot locations on crime maps in strategic crime centers
  • Automatically transfer key data to RMS and CAD systems

ShotSpotter has worked with approximately 20 integration partners and 50 cities to integrate gunshot alert data with other city systems such as: license plate readers, RMS, CAD, predictive policing software,  crime dashboards, access controls, geospatial software, and even drones.

Customers can gain access to ShotSpotter data through the Notification Engine API. Partners with a common customer can sign up to get ShotSpotter data through the Integration Partner Program. Please contact us here.

Predictive Software

“By integrating with ShotSpotter we are able to bring advanced insights and enhanced workflows to our joint customers. We see ShotSpotter as an important part of our future helping to support the customer experience.”


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Become a Partner

Thank you for your interest in ShotSpotter. Please include information about what your company does and what potential area of collaboration you envision. We receive a high volume of inquiries from potential partners and are only able to act on a few, select opportunities. We will get back to you if we see a potential fit.