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Vehicle struck as a dozen bullets fly in Brockton

August 23, 2017

Police executed a search warrant at a Warren Avenue home after discovering that people inside the house may have fired gunshots Monday night.

BROCKTON – A dozen gunshots rang out in the city’s Campello neighborhood as bullets were fired from at least three guns late Monday night, police said.

ShotSpotter, the city’s electronic gunfire detection system, alerted police to three possible incidents of gunfire about 9:40 p.m., on Hillberg Avenue and Tribou Street.

In total, the electronic system reported 21 rounds on Hillberg Avenue – 12 initially, then a break and nine more – and four shots on Tribou Street.

Police also received several calls reporting gunfire in the area of Hillberg Avenue, including a resident who reported hearing 19 shots.

More than a dozen police officers responded to the area and immediately located a single shell casing outside of 18 Hillberg Ave., which is where ShotSpotter detected the gunfire. Officers also searched Tribou Street, but did not locate any casings and believe the system picked up an echo from the nearby street.

“It was later discovered that the incident happened at 945 Warren Ave.,” police Detective Lt. Kenneth LeGrice said. “Officers located 11 shell casings.”

Police determined at least three firearms were used during the shooting. Officers located five .22-caliber casings, three .380-caliber bullets and three shells from a .45-caliber gun, LeGrice said.

Officers also discovered that a 2006 BMW X5 SUV that was parked in the driveway of the home that borders Warren and Hillberg avenues was damaged by gunfire, he said.

“After speaking with individuals at the scene, we learned there were several people hanging out in the driveway at 945 Warren Ave., at the back side of the house, when they heard shots fired,” LeGrice said. “The parties eventually fled into the house.”

Officers spoke to several people inside the house and decided to secure the home and apply for a search warrant.

“During the investigation, it was believed that gunfire may have been returned by several of the individuals located inside the house,” LeGrice said.

The warrant was executed about 2 a.m., but LeGrice said no further evidence was recovered.

The gunfire on Hillberg Avenue was the second time in about a month that shots rang out on the street, which is west of Main Street. In mid-July, residents reported hearing six to eight gunshots in front of 27 Hillberg Ave., and police located 10 shell casings in front of the home.

No arrests had been made in the recent shooting as of late Tuesday morning, but detectives are still investigating the incident.

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