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US has seen 2 more mass shootings after Orlando; it seems the tunnel is endless

June 15, 2016

Washington, June 14: Even as the American authorities and the people are struggling to come to terms with the horrific shooting in a gay nightclub in Orlando on June 12, two more instances of mass shooting have taken place at public places after that.

Though none have been killed in the twin incidents that occurred on Monday (June 13), 10 have been injured.

2 mass shootings took place on Monday, June 13, though none was killed

The first post-Orlando mass shooting occurred in southeast Fresno in California on Monday morning in which four teenagers were injured in gunshots. According to the police, 'many, many shots' were fired at a party.

The victims include two 19-year-old men and a 16 and 14-year-old boy. One the 19-year-old was shot several times in the lower body while the others sustained injuries in their limbs or chest. A pit bull dog was also shot at. The shooter was yet to be traced. The police were alerted to the shootings by its ShotSpotter system. They added that the shootings happened at a house which was prepared for a big event, possibly a graduation party. Alcohol and plastic drinking cups were found inside the venue. The shooting could have happened as a gang retaliation or carried out by an annoyed ex-boyfriend.

Shooting over a bag!

The other shooting incident took place over a pricey bookbag at a playground in Brooklyn and it left five teenagers injured, the police said.

The youngsters ran for cover as gunshots started at the playground shortly after 5 pm. Though police said five people were injured, other sources said the number was six.

While four victims were taken to the hospital, two walked on their own, said sources. None of the injuries looked life-threatening. The police said the teenagers were arguing over an MCM bookbag and it led to the fire.