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SUBA forges forward despite challenges

August 31, 2016

Despite being saddled down by a variety of troubles in recent years, the Salinas United Business Association (SUBA) is moving forward with a significant restructuring.

Some businesses in the Alisal – Sanborn, Griffin, Market and Alisal Streets -- question what SUBA has specifically been doing for businesses lately and why it still exists.

“I don’t think so, a hundred percent I don’t think,” said Mun Yi, owner of Alisal Pizzeria on East Alisal Street who said she thought the organization has not done much in the area of improving public safety. Yi, disenchanted with the organization, recently stepped down as a SUBA board member.

“A lot of people complain about SUBA people, and ask why doesn’t it give any benefit to the business owners,” she said.

Despite such criticism from some business owners, SUBA appears here to stay with continued backing by its board members, city staff and Salinas City Council................

In other Council administrative news:

    Council approved the purchase of four 2015 Chevy Tahoes and three 2016 Chevy Tahoes, which includes equipment installation for a total of $521,783.98 for the Salinas Police Department.

    Council approved a resolution to purchase property/subscription-based ShotSpotter Flex Gunfire location/violence interrupter positions, which will be funded by the $5.5 million from the state of California. The technology will be able to detect gunshots. The state money will be used thusly:

$1.5 million for three years of the shot spotter system, a high-tech system that detects gunshots.

$500,000 for three years of violence interrupter positions, which involves street outreach.

$3.5 million to buy property in the city for a mixed-used space for the community, which could include green space and a recreation center. The property will be near 312 E. Alisal Street, said Salinas Police Chief Kelly McMillin.

The Californian: Salinas