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Stray NYE bullet lands at Fresno home

January 01, 2016

On New Year's Eve in Fresno there were more than 300 police calls for gunshots. One of the bullets fired into the sky came crashing down near a Tower District home.

"I saw the gold, but then I picked it up and realized it was a casing, or a bullet,  said Susan, a woman who lives near Yale and Wilson in Fresno.

Susan, asked that we protect her identity on camera, but talked about her discovery and the overnight gunfire that lasted for hours.

"It was really prevalent. Everybody heard it, but to find the bullet out front, it makes you scared," said Susan.

In 2014, a New Year's Eve bullet busted through a Fresno home and landed on a young man's bed. The result could've been deadly. Fresno City Councilman Clint Olivier says this has to stop.

"To some folks it seems like fun, but what if that bullet came down and struck a sleeping child," said Olivier.

Police did catch up to one man as his gun fire rang out, to ring in the new year. Charging him with reckless discharge of a firearm and possession of an assault rifle.

"I'm glad they were able to make one arrest, but for that one person who was arrested there are hundreds if not thousands of people just like him that thought it was ok to do this," said Olivier.

Olivier hopes police can use data from their ShotSpotter technology to take on the gunfire in the future.

"I would be very interested in seeing what the police come up with in terms of where these shots are coming from and where they are concentrated, so that we can schedule more officers to be in those areas, or do public outreach," said Olivier.

This is a tough issue to solve so Fresno police are giving out hundreds of dollars in reward money for any information leading to a firearm related arrest. You can call Crime Stoppers at 498-STOP.

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