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Smart Mobility and Social Innovation in Barcelona – English & Italian

November 18, 2015

The fifth annual most innovative cities in the world, the Smart City Expo World Congress, is being held in Barcelona, Spain on November 17 to 19. This year over 500 cities and 450 exhibitors from different countries will participate .

Companies of all sizes, regulators and policy makers national and international research centers, government, associations, developers, innovators and investors, have all joined in Barcelona for SCE 2015, with some of the most efficient solutions for sustainable mobility, energy efficiency, smart building, innovation and social inclusion, smart government and economy apps .

Another interesting mobile application is ShotSpotter, dedicated to urban safety, which can identify a shooting within an urban area, in real-time and precisely pinpoints the incident and alerts public authorities.

The Smart Cities Catalonia also offers visitors a wide pedestrian area and the ability to rent electric bicycles. Inside there is also a Smart City Plaza with demonstrations and presentations of urban space, where you can take a close look at new smart city technologies, including civilian drones used in emergency situations.

The services for citizens and businesses area showcase practical examples of future economy apps, new models of economic growth and enterprise presentations of digital transformation, which use4G / 5G mobile networks.

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