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Smart cities – Drive car and deal with drones in the Smart City of Barcelona

November 17, 2015

Translated from Spanish to English:

L'Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona), MarketWatch The Gran Via de Fira de Barcelona hosts  today until Thursday the Smart City World Congress, featuring some of the technologies that will flood the smart cities of the future, as driverless vehicles PAYG or drone.

The fair organizers have stressed in a statement that one of the main innovations of the lounge is the EZ10, an electric minibus for up to twelve people who circulate without driver from coming on the roads of the Netherlands, Singapore and California year.

Other autonomous driving vehicle that visitors can see is a two-seater car, Lutz Pathfinder, which has already begun to circulate in the city of Milton Keynes.

But the role is split between asphalt and air, as several exhibitors present freight services or services that use the technology of drones.

In fact, the Smart City has set up a space where you can see how these unmanned aircraft would be used to assist in medical emergencies in places of difficult access, in the distribution of materials and goods in air more precise mapping urban areas, weather monitoring and levels of air pollution as well as air control urban development or infrastructure.

Applications also have an important role, particularly those that contribute to improving the accessibility of cities.

It outbarriers the case of a platform that wireless beacons identified by the various obstacles and problems that the blind can be found down the street, and informing them by mobile phone via a proximity detector.

Another new presenter is ShotSpotter a microphone system that identifies any shooting occurred in the coverage area, located precisely how the accident and sends a notice to the emergency services.

Also involved in the lounge companies dedicated to security, such as Check Point, which features related to traffic control solutions, transportation and emergency services.

The fair brings together representatives of over 500 cities around the world that address the challenges of urban transformation related to sustainability.

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