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Shotspotter tech curbing Cape Flats gun violence

September 29, 2016

Metro police are using gunshot detection technology to reduce gang violence on the Cape Flats.

A number of sensors have been placed in the community, which pick up the audio frequency of gunshots and GPS locate the area where the shot was fired, in just under a minute.

    Law enforcement officers can be immediately be deployed to the exact position.
    — Kevin Brandt, EWN reporter

The ShotSpotter system allows law enforcement to respond more rapidly to gang violence, reports EWN's Kevin Brandt.

Piloted in Hanover Park and Manenberg, the ShotSpotter solution has helped Metro police attend to more incidents and remove more illegal firearms.

The number of recorded gunfire incidents in Manenberg dropped from 133 in June, to 22 incidents in September.

In Hanover park, 86 gunfire incidents were recorded in June, and only 33 in September.

    The City of Cape Town celebrates the fact that this ShotSpotter system has been successfully rolled out in that high crime-driven area.
    — Kevin Brandt, EWN reporter

The City plans to implement the ShotSpotter system, together with the CCTV roll-out and drone technology, in other communities known as crime hot-spots.

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