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ShotSpotter pilot program to come to Jacksonville

November 15, 2016

A $400,000 ShotSpotter pilot program is coming to Jacksonville, according to a Jacksonville City Council member.


Councilman Reggie Brown said a pilot program has been approved and the city is hoping to roll it out in high crime areas by the start of 2017.

It will span three years and be paid for with various city funds, Brown said.

Brown spoke about the program coming to Jacksonville at a meeting at Cleveland Arms, the scene of a deadly mass shooting that claimed three lives on Sunday.

Video shows chaos on night of mass shooting in Northwest Jacksonville

Edward Waters College in Jacksonville is already using a ShotSpotter program.

The technology uses sensors to pick up the sound of gunfire, then pinpoint how many shots were fired and where, within about 80 feet.

Then within 30 to 45 seconds that information is sent to first responders, all without one call to 911. While technology won’t stop a shooting from happening, it could help lead officers to a shooter faster and stop another shot from being fired.

SCAD, the Savannah College of Art & Design, was the first college in the country to use ShotSpotter’s Secure Campus system. The technology covers two square miles of SCAD’s campus, which winds through the heart of downtown Savannah.

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