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ShotSpotter comes to Edward Waters College

September 15, 2016


JACKSONVILLE, Fla.—Edward Waters College has a new tool to help fight crime: it's called ShotSpotter.

Just this month there have been shootings near the campus - and both times shots were fired, police were notified instantly.

"There are plenty of things that have happened since I've been here,” says Ryan Vigal.

For students at Edward Waters College, they say their college is not in the best part of town. Sometimes they hear gunshots.

Now, police are notified within seconds thanks to a technology called Shot Spotter. Thirteen new sensors are around the campus that can detect a gunshot and police are automatically notified.

"It was Sunday night and a shooting was on Dot street. It reported exactly where the shots were fired,” says George Dandelake who works for the college.

He says the sensors were purchased with $75,000 that came from the state legislature.

Since installing the sensors in July, they've assisted the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office in a few crimes. Students like Ryan Vigal are happy with the investment.

"I think it was a great idea for them to implement this for our safety and the safety of those in this community,” says Vigal.

Dandelake says they are also in the process of installing 90 more sensors indoors.

In the event of a shooter on campus, the sensors can help pinpoint where a shooter is located.

"They would be able to follow that shooter. As long as he or she is firing on campus," Dandelake says. "Then that information would go in with the SWAT team and for those who go out and they can look at shot spotter and determine where the individual is."

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