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San Diego police unveil gunshot detection system

November 22, 2016

Powerful technology installed in four San Diego neighborhoods will inform officers when and where shootings happen, even if no one calls it in.

The San Diego Police Department announced Tuesday it has installed a system that detects gunshots and sends information to police in the southeastern communities of Valencia Park, Skyline, O’Farrell and Lincoln Park. 

The system, called ShotSpotter, uses powerful audio sensors placed at least 30 feet above street level to determine when and where shootings take place. Once the sensors pinpoint where the shots came from, the sound is sent to a review center where someone determines if it was gunfire.

If it is, the incident is forwarded to police. Officers in the field get the location, time of the shooting, the number of rounds. They also can get information such as how many shooters are present and if they’re on the move.

San Diego Union Tribune