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San Antonio using new bullet tracing technology

May 03, 2016

SAN ANTONIO -- Bullet tracing technology, known as "ShotSpotter," is now up and running on San Antonio's east side.

It will alert San Antonio police to gunfire, even if no one reports it. On the east side, Shot Spotter covers a one-mile radius, including the intersection at New Braunfels Avenue and East Houston Street.

City officials wouldn't give KENS 5 an exact location, but east side city councilman Alan Warrick said Shot Spotter went into operation a few days ago.

"We can only assume that we're getting about 20 percent of the gunshots that are actually happening in the community," said Warrick.

Warrick said, often times, east side residents don't report gun shots because they're afraid of retaliation. ShotSpotter went online on the east and west sides of San Antonio a few days ago.

In the next 60 to 90 days, Warrick said the city will be monitoring the technology. Warrick said crime has dropped about 25 percent in other cities where Shot Spotter is used, but crime has quieted down on the east side due to other police efforts.

"There were three key arrests that were made about a week and a half ago that have quieted things down," he said.

San Antonio police will also begin foot patrols on New Braunfels Avenue in the next week or two, said Warrick. Officers will reportedly be wearing body cameras in the area from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. in hopes of stopping crime before it happens.

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