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San Antonio city council approves $108,000 extension for gunshot technology

April 21, 2017

SAN ANTONIO - Without discussion, the San Antonio city council voted on Thursday to approve an extension on a controversial crime fighting took known as the 'ShotSpotter.'

Last year, the city began the pilot program to target crime in certain communities on the East and West sides of town.

ShotSpotter employs technology to alert the San Antonio Police Department within seconds of gunshots being fired and helps officers pinpoint where the shots came from.

The technology cost the city about $270,000 to implement and it will cost another $108,000 to extend the pilot program.

Councilman Alan Warrick first presented Shot Spotter and says he believes the program has cut down the number of random shootings.

"Now, we've had arrests, but we didn't start the intervention until we had the technology in place for the squad cars and the proper training for the officers," he said. "And it took about a five month lag, which is why we are extending it for five months, to get the real data after we've made the interventions."

Fox: San Antonio