Salinas police using controlled gunfire Wednesday night to test detection system

December 14, 2016

Salinas >> In a test of recently acquired gunshot detection technology, the Salinas Police Department will be conducting live gunfire calibration testing Wednesday evening.

According to the police department, there will be controlled gunfire as part of the testing in a few selected areas of the city. The tests should be completed by 11 p.m. Police say the locations of test gunfire will not be disclosed for security reasons, adding there will be no danger to the community.

The ShotSpotter system works by picking up the sound from gunshots on a network of sensors and triangulating the location of the gunfire in real time. Police expect this will be the final test before ShotSpotter goes live. The Salinas Police Department will evaluate the results of the testing and advise the community once the system is in use.

The department recently teamed with ShotSpotter and one of the company’s employees will be on hand for the tests.

A $1.5 million portion of a $5.5 million California public safety grant received by Salinas in August will pay for three years of the ShotSpotter system. The city will reevaluate the success of the system after the three years are up.

Salinas police ask for the community to continue to report the sounds of gunfire, even after the system is up and running.

Monterey Herald, Salinas