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Sacramento police seize more guns in 2016 – many were stolen

November 03, 2016

Sacramento police are taking a gun off the street at a rate of about one every six hours this year, a slightly faster pace than during the previous two years.

Officers had grabbed 1,184 guns as of Oct. 31, the department said Monday. That’s nearly 3.9 guns per day and puts the department on pace to confiscate 1,420 guns in Sacramento this year.

As a comparison, police seized 1,375 guns last year and 1,204 in 2014.

Two more guns were seized Tuesday afternoon, after two people jumped out of a vehicle near Luther Burbank High School in Meadowview and ran through the campus. Officers found two firearms in the abandoned vehicle.

Police Sgt. Bryce Heinlein, a department spokesman, said he doesn’t have any theories for the slight increase in the number of seized guns. But he did say the effort has been aided by stable staffing in specialty units such as the gang enforcement team, crime suppression unit and its team of officers who respond to the activation of gunshot-detecting microphones called ShotSpotter.

“By removing these guns off our streets, we are preventing violent crimes from occurring,” the department wrote in a news release. “Many of the guns that fall into the hands of criminals were found to be unsecured and stolen by thieves.”

Sacramento Bee