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Sacramento Police: Randomly firing guns should be a crime

January 27, 2016

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KCRA) —Sacramento police want to silence the sound of random gunfire in neighborhoods by making it a crime.

"The indiscriminate firing of firearms in the city is a problem,” Sacramento Police Capt. Dave Risley said.

Last June, Sacramento installed gunshot-detection technology known as ShotSpotter, “to pinpoint where a shot came from and so that directs our focus,” Risley said.

Over the next six months, police said ShotSpotters detected 313 cases of gunfire in a 3-mile radius of north Sacramento, resulting in more than 100 police reports.

Yet, someone who fires a gun randomly couldn't be prosecuted.

"Right now, it's an infraction," Risley said. "We're proposing that it becomes a misdemeanor.”

Sacramento City Council agreed Tuesday night, passing an amendment to the city code that will add a heftier fine and potential jail time for discharging a weapon.

The amendment includes firing celebratory shots, often heard during the holidays.

“I think that's important to keep our streets safe you know, by not having idiots shoot firearms in any plain direction,” Sacramento resident Cindy Maslov said.

“Some people will probably be deterred by it, and I hope so,” south Sacramento  resident Jose Ramirez said.

Police said they're confident the change will help create safer streets, but some people who live in Sacramento said it's a shot in the dark.

"I personally don't think it will make any difference,” Ceseana Marzouk said.

"I think the person selling the guns should have more restrictions, especially with all the terrorism going on,” Ayman Abdulwahab said.