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Police Chief sends statement on recent string of South Bend shootings

January 04, 2016

Guns are the center of attention nationally, but they're also getting a lot of consideration here in Michiana.  Particularly, in South Bend where the holiday season has brought a string of shootings.
FOX28 tried to talk to the Mayor and the Police Chief.They wouldn't do an interview, but the Chief did send a statement about how the city is tackling gun violence.

Three months as the city's top cop and Chief Scott Ruszkowski is facing a challenge his predecessor also dealt with, gun violence in South Bend.  Although the Chief wouldn't talk on camera today. He did release a statement, saying, "Much of South Bend's gun violence occurs because of personal grudges, family feuds, and disputes-and most victims are not chosen at random."

Because of that, the crimes are hard to predict, but the Chief does have a plan, which includes tracking gangs involved in shootings and providing beat cops time to not only patrol, but also engage with the community.
The Chief also says the plan includes monitoring social media to predict future crimes and putting officers and resources in, "the right places at the right times, focused on the right people."
Ruszkowski says ShotSpotter helps police know where to go, but information from the community is even more effective.

Finally, in his statement, Ruszkowski mentions continuing to partner with other local police, the prosecutor, and federal law enforcement through weekly meetings.
At the end of his statement, Ruszkowski once again leans on the people of South Bend for help, saying, "We implore our community to help us stop this senseless violence."

The Mayor's spokesperson said he wasn't available, but she did stress that while there was a string of shootings, they were not connected, and said the mayor's Group violence intervention program continues to be the city's main program to curb gun violence.

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