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Pleasantville should have gunshot detection system, police chief says

March 11, 2016

PLEASANTVILLE — The Police Department in recent months has solved multiple homicides and violent crimes, but the force and the city could benefit from a ShotSpotter gunshot-audio detection system, the police chief said.

Chief Sean Riggin said the department's Investigations Section has had much success in clearing three homicides and two shootings in just a few months.

"These detectives have really shown us something in their professional, creative and relentless investigation of violent crimes in the city, and I can't say enough about the unit," Riggin said.

A ShotSpotter system is one of the biggest boosts the force could receive, Riggin said. All five of the individuals involved in the recent cleared cases were gunshot victims, he said.

"Clearing violent crimes like these is an example of exactly why we need this system. I have been hearing about ShotSpotter for two years, and I've actively been working on it since April," he said.

The gunshot audio detection system wanted in Pleasantville is similar to the system used in Atlantic City.

Riggin said the department is looking for possible funding for the system from a Smart Policing grant through the U.S. Department of Justice's Bureau of Justice Assistance. The grant process is still at the stage of determining whether the ShotSpotter system is an appropriate use of the funding.

ShotSpotter would cost Pleasantville $560,000, which would cover the cost of the system's operation for three years.

The system uses sensors to triangulate sounds and determine whether they are gunshots or some other noise. Officers are alerted to the location of gunshots.

Pleasantville saw six people shot and killed last year, police said.

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