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NBC Tech Report: Newark high school first in US to have gunshot warning system

August 26, 2015


NEWARK (KRON) — Newark Memorial High School in the East Bay is the first in the country to have an indoor ShotSpotter gunshot warning system installed.

It was built into the school over the summer. Classes begin Thursday for students at Newark High.

Our tech reporter Gabe Slate visited the campus to find out why the staff implemented this high-tech school safety system.

ShotSpotter’s new secure campus solution offers indoor and outdoor gun fire detection to school campuses.

Newark High is like a little city — it sits on 42 acres, has multiple buildings, and has over 1,800 hundred students and dozens of faculty.

If one of the secure campus gunfire sensors picks up gunfire, it immediately sends that information to the police.

And it’s very detailed, including how many shooters and exactly what room they are in. So, when police arrive on scene, they know exactly where to head on campus to stop the shooter.