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Montague, Quallo visit NYPD to gain insight on fighting crime

July 19, 2017

National Security Minister Robert Montague says a recent visit to the New York Police Department and security firms has provided Jamaican security officials with helpful information and suggestions regarding technological solutions available to deal with Jamaica’s crime problem.

During the three day visit, Minister Montague, Police Commissioner George Quallo, National Security Advisor Major General Antony Anderson, Chairman of the Firearm Licensing Authority, Dennis Wright received extensive briefings from NYPD personnel on how the department uses technology to aid in crime fighting.

During a meeting with NYPD Police Commissioner James P O’Neill, Minister Montague noted New York’s success in reducing crime, adding that the Jamaican delegation was there to learn and observe and share information.

“We have seen the achievements of the NYPD, and we believe Jamaica can benefit from the sharing of best practices and information.  We are here to forge closer ties with a view to having an exchange programme between the JCF and the NYPD. We look forward to signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the NYPD for collaboration,” said Minister Montague.

The National Security Minister also briefed the NYPD personnel on the Government’s 5-Pillar Crime Strategy.

Commissioner O’Neill welcomed the opportunity for collaborating with the Jamaican authorities.

The NYPD demonstrated the use of the ShotSpotter Technology which instantly notifies police of gunshot crimes in progress with real time date.  The ShotSpotter gunfire data enables intelligent analysis so law enforcement can move from reactive policing to proactive policing. This technology is integrated with CCTV to provide visuals of the area where gunshots have been fired.

The NYPD shared its experience with Compstat programme, described as the driving force that has made New York City the safest largest city in the United States.

Among the many benefits of the programme is the ability to allow commanders/officers to evaluate their crime fighting performance on a day-to-day breakdown and make each level of the department accountable.

The Jamaican delegation was also briefed on the use of Licence Plate Readers which assist in monitoring the movement of vehicles which are suspected to be involved in crimes.

The issue of cyber security and the protection of data were also discussed.

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