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Miami police dept. using high tech gunshot detection

September 24, 2016

MIAMI, Fla. (WPMI) — Police officers in Miami are using a high tech program to help combat gun violence. It's called the ShotSpotter.

The Miami Dade Police Department just announced their use of a new high tech crime prevention tool, the acoustic gunshot detection solution, or Shot Spotter. Basically the devices can narrow in on exactly where the sounds of gunshots are heard in real time with the goal of allowing officers to respond faster.

"If a round goes off within 25 to 50 feet we'll be able to tell where that gunshot went off in the particular area where they are deployed and not only that it also picks up sound that we can go back and listen to so that if there's a name that's called out or there's any conversation that occur while the shootings are going on we can listen to those also," said Juan J. Perez, director of hte Miami Dade Police Department.

Commissioners approved a $5 million. five-year contract to roll out these devices before the end of the year. They will be placed in three high crime neighborhoods in Miami Dade.

The technology will be incorporated into its existing system of street cameras and cops will be able to monitor the device in their real time crime center.

The Shot Spotter technology is already used in about 90 other cities in America.

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