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August 16, 2017

The Story
Crime continues to drop across New York City, thanks to the NYPD’s proactive neighborhood policing and application of the latest advances in police science. The department has rolled out a new technology, ShotSpotter, which detects gunfire and alerts police. The tool captures many shooting incidents that would otherwise go unreported and has helped the NYPD find and take down gangs.
The Facts You Need to Know

  •     Unreported: Only 16% of shootings recorded by ShotSpotter result in 911 calls, which means that the system notifies police of many incidents of gunfire that would otherwise go unreported.
  •     Predicting: ShotSpotter technology aligns with the NYPD’s use of “predictive policing” to target high-crime areas.
  •     Pinpointing: Precision policing through the use of data collection has helped the city drive down major crime by more than 80%.

“ShotSpotter has been a tremendous bonus for us in the Detective Bureau and it’s helped quite a bit as far as we get … shell casings from these locations and we do a ballistic hit and we’re able to identify people that way once they’re arrested for that gun.” Robert Boyce, NYPD Chief of Detectives

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