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Gun detection systems on way to US college campuses

December 16, 2016

This year has seen more than 40 incidents of school shootings in the United States. Now, a gunfire detection system, already used in some 90 cities across America, could soon be adopted by U.S. universities.

The University of Maryland – not far from Washington, DC – is a sprawling compound serving some 60,000 students and staff. Their safety is something police Chief David Mitchell takes very seriously.

“We are concentrated very densely in this 3-square mile area where unfortunately campuses like ours become attractive targets,” Mitchell said.

U.S. schools, colleges, and universities are often targets of gun violence. Statistics show on average, one incident per week.

Sensors placed in secret locations across the campus triangulate the location of the gunfire, dispatching police within minutes?

This is the first major university in the US to try out ShotSpotter and police here say the system can tell the difference between a student lighting firecrackers and someone discharging an automatic weapon.

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