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Glendale PD cracking down on gunshots into the air on NYE

December 29, 2016

Despite the fact that randomly shooting guns into the air is extremely dangerous and illegal, Glendale police say there are still too many people who do it, especially on holiday weekends.

There’s a zero tolerance policy for anyone who chooses to break the law this way in the state of Arizona and police are vowing to catch these criminals during New Year’s Eve celebrations.

There’s nothing wrong with celebrating your New Year’s Eve with a bang -- just make sure the boom is not from a gun, said Glendale PD's, Sgt. Scott Waite.

“People just don’t realize the catastrophic effects it can have when you fire off a bullet into the air," Waite said.

What goes up, must come down, and there’s no telling what that bullet may hit.

“Right up there with drunk driving, it has the most deadly effects," Waite said. "This is something that’s far too common during the Fourth of July and New Year’s."

Glendale police take their patrols even further. They work with a company called ShotSpotter that uses special technology to track gunshots heard all over the city.

“If they determine it’s a firearm, they will immediately send a call back to us giving us the exact location," Waite said.

Even if you don’t think police are watching, think again. Every shooter is responsible for the bullet the second it is fired out of a gun.

If you are caught, you will face felony charges with the possibility of more than five years in prison.

12 News; Glendale, AZ