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EXCLUSIVE: NYPD will expand gun detection program called ShotSpotter to cover more parts of the city

January 20, 2016

Hold your fire.

A successful gun detection program that alerts cops to weapons even before a 911 call is made will now cover over twice as much of the city, Mayor de Blasio will announce on Thursday.

The expanded coverage will cost an extra $3 million a year, and is included as part of the mayor’s 2017 preliminary budget being released Thursday.

“New York is the safest big city in the nation ... and we're continuing to invest to drive it down further,” de Blasio said.

ShotSpotter will now cover a 60 square mile radius over 31 police precincts, up from 24 square miles over 25 precincts.Neighborhoods that will now be part of the program include Coney Island, Edenwald/Wakefield in the Bronx, and the Rockaways.

“All of those who think they own the streets will now be caught very fast,” said City Councilman Donovan Richards, who reps the Rockaways.

Shotspotter alerts cops when a gun has been fired. While the program is used only in certain neighborhoods, it will be expanded.

In 2015, ShotSpotter provided 1,672 alerts on where guns went off — 74% of which weren't reported by 911.“Unfortunately, some in my district are very used to the sound of guns, and don’t call 911,” said Bronx City Councilwoman Vanessa Gibson.

Parts of her district already have ShotSpotter, and the extra funds will bring it to even more parts.

“I’m very excited,” she said. “It’s a powerful tool.”

Cops also said it helped recover 32 firearms, including 13 on cases with no 911 call, and has led to 21 arrests. Eight of those arrests had no 911 call.

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