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Despite recent incidents, shooting-related crime down

July 24, 2015

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Investigators with the Wilmington Police Department continue to investigate two shootings this week. One was fatal. Despite the two events in a week, police said crimes involving guns were down compared to this time last year.

A WPD spokeswoman said from May to July 2014, there were 90 Shotspotter activations and 66 victims of homicide/assaults involving guns. The numbers this year are way down, with 60 Shotspotter activations and 34 victims of homicide/assaults involving guns from May to today. That’s roughly a 30% decrease in Shotspotter activations and roughly a 50% drop in victims of gun-related crimes.

No word from WPD as their theory as to why. There have been no arrests in Tuesday night’s murder of Carlton Walker Whitley, 25, or the shooting that happened Wednesday evening.