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Cops use Shotspotter to bust man with gun in Bronx

July 22, 2015

Cops responding to an activated Shotspotter saw a man trying to ditch a semi-automatic gun Tuesday in the Bronx, police said.

Officers Mateusz Sajduk and Chad Poidomani responded to East Tremont Ave. at Third Ave. in Tremont after Shotspotter technology picked up two gunshots at the location around 4:20 a.m., police said.

When they arrived, they saw 19-year-old Serrod Mitchell of Yonkers toss a black metal object into a fenced off area, according to police.

With guns drawn, the cops apprehended Mitchell, who initially provided a false name, cops said.

They recovered a stolen, loaded .22-caliber Bernardelli semi-automatic firearm and found a magazine with five bullets, as well as 13 plastic bags of marijuana in his pocket, according to authorities.Mitchell was charged with weapons possession, possession of stolen property, false personification and unlawful possession of marijuana, police said.The Shotspotter technology — which uses sensors to triangulate the location of gunshots and allows cops to arrive on scene faster — was rolled out in several precincts across the city in March.

“It's a great tool for patrol, for the NYPD,” Sajduk said of the technology.

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