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City unveils vision for Hanover Park upgrades

October 08, 2015

8 OCTOBER 2015


Note to editors: the following is an extract from a statement made by Mayor De Lille at a media briefing with the Hanover Park Steering Committee to share their joint development proposal for the area.

In 2011 we made a commitment to the residents of Hanover Park. We made the pledge to upgrade the neighbourhood through the Mayoral Urban Regneration Programme (MURP) and to work towards bringing down the level of violence in this gang-infested area. Today I am excited to report back on our progress since 2011, and even more eager to share the way forward which we have designed in consultation with representatives of the community.

We have already made numerous interventions into the Hanover Park area. Thus far, the City of Cape Town has invested R18,2 million into safety and stabilisation initiatives during the last two financial years. These interventions include the Ceasefire training and programme, ShotSpotter technology, CCTV cameras, and School Resource Officers. We also conducted an outreach programme for over 400 youth at risk and took them through a 4 – 6 month rehabilitation programme in order to protect them from the lure of gangsterism.

We have provided business training to the value of R200 000 for 30 start-ups and provided SMME development training for 23 people to spur on local economic development in the area.

R60,5 million has also been spent on the following upgrades: Surran Park, Hanover Park Town centre electricity connections (R50 000), canal clearing (R120 000), concrete roads (R17,2 million), Council Rental Units (R42,7 million) and the local parks (R300 000).

As part of the Mayoral Urban Regeneration Programme and extensive consultation, a Community Action Plan (CAP) was created by the Hanover Park Public Steering Committee as representatives of the community. It represents their understanding of the nature of the problems that they face, informed by their lived experience in Hanover Park. This process has enabled them to prioritise their needs together with the City who has been tasked with elaborating on the context of the limits of resources and constraints faced by local government.

We have heard the input by the Hanover Park Steering Committee and their desired list of interventions includes the following:

​Schools and the youth 

    ​Reducing school drop-out rates
    After-school hours and weekend activities and programmes for the youth
    Training and skills development for ECDs
    Peer educators and school nurses/counsellors
    Utilisation of one of the facilities for an FET college
    Anti-gang recruitment programmes
    Education and outreach programmes for gangsters

​Employment and economic development 

    ​Construction of an incubator/business hub
    Skills development and training centre
    Job creation projects/informal trading opportunities
    Increased number of social workers
    Reduced domestic violence

Spatial planning 

    ​ Creation of a youth desk
    Revamp of Hanover Park Urban Node
    Providing adequate and safe housing options to reduce over-crowding

​Community safety 

    ​Programmes to deal with substance abuse
    A gangsterism-free Hanover Park
    Prostitution and child trafficking workshops and counselling

​Research and development 

    ​Leadership training for broader stakeholders and local structures

Public safety and facilities 

    ​Expanded Public Works Programme around public space management
    Transparent booking system for facilities

These requests will guide our investment and budget allocation into Hanover Park going forward.

In response to the CAP, the City has developed a Public Investment Framework which sets out the way in which we will need to reprioritise the budget in order to try and accommodate the community’s requests in respect of the limits of our budget and the constraints of our competencies.

This framework consists of elements which include:

    Establishing ‘Safe Routes’ which will enable children and families to move safely between homes, schools and public transport. This will be supported through the continuation of the Ceasefire project, Gunshot Detection and response, and with improved street lighting
    Regenerating Hanover Park Town Centre. This entails the construction of integrated public services buildings for the City such as a housing office, community hall, City clinic, library and an upgraded public square
    Rationalising and assigning a use to all open space in Hanover Park
    Upgrading the external public environment surrounding the Council Rental Units

We plan to spend R621,2 million over a number of years on the implementation of this plan. We make a renewed commitment today to apply our best efforts in making these goals a reality for the people of Hanover Park.

I would like to thank the councillors, the Project Steering Committee and the City officials involved for their hard work thus far. They will soon embark on a door-to-door education campaign in Hanover Park to further share this great vision with its people.