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A lamp that detects shootings

December 03, 2015

General Electric's mission to combat street violence and shootings with LED lighting has excited the more than 14,000 attendees at the fifth annual Smart City Expo World Congress, last week in Barcelona .

In collaboration with the security company ShotSpotter, GE provides streetlights, microphones and sensors to isolate noise and detect shootings while alerting security and law enforcement with the exact location of the incident, the number of shots and if there are any injured victims.

Journalists from around the world as well as representatives of the public and private sectors have visited the New York pavillion to see a demonstration of the "Gun Detection" software which is already operating in 90 cities and San Juan Puerto Rico, and Panama as well as in New York City. General Electric and ShotSpotter are not ruling out any potential future opportunities in Europe.

Jim Benson, General Manager Global Marketing for GE Lighting, "At GE we are aware of the need to meet the demands of the increasing population and social environment. Therefore we seek technology partners so that together with the LED technology can offer solutions today and in the future.

It is estimated that in 10 years 60 percent of the population will live in urban areas, and that in 2025 more than 25 major cities will become a  "SmartCity". General Electric is commitmented to these smart cities of the future with LED lighting, which includes technology based sensors, cameras and other devices, combined with a powerful computer system, that gathers information to improve the lives of citizens, reducing traffic congestion and environmental pollution.

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