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Precision Policing

Go beyond traditional hotspot modeling and experiential knowledge of patrol officers. ShotSpotter Missions takes historical data plus current and future indicators and runs them through advanced statistical models and machine learning to forecast when and where crimes are more likely to emerge based on specific locations and times.

It analyzes additional factors such as seasonality, time of day, day of week, trends in socioeconomic conditions, and upcoming events to create a risk analysis that helps inform patrol missions by shift.

Precision-policing products represent a new era in law enforcement that will provide more specific and objective data to help prevent crime.

- William J. Bratton former NYPD and LAPD Commissioner

The application plots 250 meter by 250 meter discrete locations on a map and indicates what type of crime is likely, when to patrol, and suggested patrol tactics.

Missions supports officer knowledge and intuition with forecasts based on multiple data sets that can lead to locations adjacent to common crime spots that may not have been recognized as contributors.

Officers have a 15-minute timer when they enter a mission area to encourage them to patrol without oversaturating an area.

Policing tactics should not only be effective, but also reflect the community’s priorities. Missions provides features that:


  1. 1.

    Align patrol activities with the priorities of the community.

  2. 2.

    Intelligently allocate resources to prevent over-policing.

  3. 3.

    Determine which tactics work and which don’t.



Predictive Missions (For Command + Officers)

ShotSpotter Missions is used by patrol officers to identify areas of high risk for proactive patrol. But it’s not about saturating these areas with officers every day. These focus areas are designed to change each shift to reflect the changing landscape of risk and to meter out the dosage of patrol activities to help mitigate areas from being over-policed.

Mission areas are also designed to automatically focus on the right crimes. The system knows how important it is to prevent an aggravated assault versus a burglary based upon the weights that are set. These settings enable the system to reflect the values of the local community and provide a way for police departments to be more transparent about how day-to-day patrols are decided.


Advisor (For Analysts + Command)

Working with command staff, analysts can determine the efficacy of new strategies. Advisor utilizes modern statistical methods to make experimentation and evaluation simpler and faster. For instance, the adaptive tactics component in Advisor uses Bayesian statistics to recommend tactics on-the-fly. Tactic recommendations are then displayed online and in PDFs.

Departments can more easily adopt evidence-based approaches to combating crime. While software can do much to help focus your efforts, the meaningful tactics that you employ within these high risk areas are what really make the difference.



By using the GPS location pulled from an MDT (Mobile Data Terminal), smartphone, or AVL (Automated Vehicle Locator), ShotSpotter Missions pushes valuable contextual information to officers in the field. The forecasted risk of each crime type is displayed no matter where the unit is located within the jurisdiction.

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