Strategically Plan Patrol Missions for Maximum Crime Deterrence

Crime forecasting software enables more precise and effective deployment of patrol resources


Patrol Management Software

Patrol management software uses artificial intelligence-driven analysis to help strategically plan patrol missions
and tactics for maximum crime deterrence

How Shotspotter Missions Works

ShotSpotter Missions creates crime risk forecasts that are more accurate and precise by time and location than traditional hotspot methods

Initial Configuration

The agency selects which crime types to forecast and weights each based on priorities. Mission duration and suggested tactics are configured. Local district maps with beat boundaries are created. Data from CAD and RMS are input into the model.

Training the Model

The system is “trained” using machine learning based on the agency’s event data along with temporal, geospatial, and census data. The model is then tested against recent crime data to calibrate forecast accuracy.

Creating Missions

Once trained and tested, the model produces daily shift-by-shift recommended missions that sends officers to the most likely locations for crime.

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