Mayors in America discuss how
ShotSpotter is making their communities safer


ShotSpotter is a tool helping many U.S. mayors improve safety in their communities, while effectively partnering with local police departments; and reduce gunfire in some of America’s most dangerous cities.

The Challenges that Mayors face:

A few individuals drive the majority of gun violence, which has serious and far-reaching negative consequences.

Gunfire is vastly under reported to authorities. Without information police are not in a position to respond and numerous incidents go unchecked.

Lack of police response drives community mistrust with law Enforcement and increases the perception that gun violence is normal

Local elected officials must lead the effort to enhance Public Safety in order to reverse the negative long-term social and economic impact on their most vulnerable communities.

As a mayor, you know your community’s urban issues better than anyone else, and can understand that gun violence is severely underestimated – only 1 out of every 9 gunshots are actually reported. Gun violence in your community has a long term negative impact on the social and economic health of your citizens. Government officials who have taken a leadership role in implementing ShotSpotter in their public safety programs, and who have actively engaged with their police departments, have seen tremendous success in their mission of making neighborhoods safer.


Enhance officer safety and build a new model of trust in your community

ShotSpotter is a game-changing technology that empowers and connects police to communities. Many law enforcement agencies rely on ShotSpotter as a critical component of their gun violence reduction strategy. ShotSpotter enables police to:

Arrive at the precise location of a shooting event providing an increased level of safety

Apprehend the shooter, help victims and/or talk with witnesses at the crime scene

Collect evidence faster, leading to solving more crimes and seizing illegal weapons

Foster an enhanced level of trust with the community when they continually show up after a gunfire incident has occurred in a neighborhood

ShotSpotter cities experience an average 35% decrease in gunfire incident volume in the first two years of use.


We’ve seen ShotSpotter save lives in our communities, and for those communities throughout America that have to deal with urban violence, it is really an important tool for your police department to have. It saves lives. It also helps to solve crimes.

Toni Harp

Mayor of New Haven, CT

ShotSpotter has helped us to pinpoint and also to gather data and trends so that our police department can be prepared and proactive when responding to public safety issues. From 2012-2013, we’ve seen a reduction of 51% of homicides, and 78% reduction in gunshots. (With ShotSpotter) we’ve been able to carry forward our mission to keep our citizens safe.

Dana Redd

Mayor of Camden, NJ


We need technology to keep our neighborhoods safer in Milwaukee — ShotSpotter has been a very effective tool in reaching that goal. We are very happy with ShotSpotter, in fact since 2011, we’ve expanded the area 3 times since it was first implemented.

Tom Barrett

Mayor of Milwaukee, WI

Create a positive new normal in your city with ShotSpotter

Make ShotSpotter part of your gun violence reduction efforts, and empower your community policing strategy. Mayors that use effective gun violence reduction tools and strategies can make a stronger impact while in office. Your endorsement of ShotSpotter technology can not only enhance officer safety, it can help save lives.

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