Community First Patrol Management Software Improves Crime Deterrence

Mitigates Over Policing and Biased Patrols for Positive Community Engagement


Patrol Management Software for Better Resource Deployment Decision-Making

Patrol management software uses artificial intelligence-driven analysis to help strategically plan directed patrols and have consistent use of tactics for both maximum crime deterrence and minimal harm to the community

Visibility into Patrol Activities

A robust suite of reports provide command staff with insights into where officers were and what they were doing that help optimize patrol strategies and ensure officer accountability:

ShotSpotter Connect - Shift Report Screenshot

The Shift Report shows where officers were and what they were doing over time.

ShotSpotter Connect - Tactic Report Screenshot

The Tactic Report measures and evaluates what tactics officers are using to deter crime.

ShotSpotter Connect - Officer Report Screenshot

The Officer Report shows how time was spent on each tactic to hold officers accountable.

ShotSpotter Connect - Crime Type Report Screenshot

The Crime Type Report displays average minutes spent on directed patrols by officers for each crime type.

Community First: Mitigating Bias and Over-Policing

ShotSpotter’s unique Community First approach has three protections in place to help establish impartiality when determining where patrols are conducted. First, the system intelligently meters out where patrol assignments occur and limits their duration to reduce instances of over-policing. Second, the system ensures the algorithms that drive patrol recommendations use objective, non-crime data that mitigates potential bias. Third, the system does not use any personally identifiable information to determine where patrols should be assigned.

Intelligent Patrol

Use Objective, Non-Crime Data

No Personally Identifiable Info

How ShotSpotter Connect Works

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