Investigative Tools

Lead Generation and Case Management to Accelerate Crime Solving and Improve Clearance Rates

Coplink X

The Future of Connecting the Dots

  • Immediate Tactical Lead Generation – Efficient access to consolidated information across disparate and cross jurisdictional data sources, including automated system alerting on any new interactions or results from a saved query.
  • Focused Toolset for Higher Case Clearance – Powerful data visualization and link analysis tools to help investigators understand relationships between people, places, things and events to identify offenders.
  • Universal Data Access – Purpose built search engine technology applied to law enforcement for all structured and unstructured data sources.


Smarter Case Management

  • Centralized Investigative Solution – Investigate provides a centralized platform for all investigations within an agency and allows for controlled collaboration internally and with the community.
  • Robust Analytics and Visibility – Investigate delivers automated notification and analytical reporting to manage assignments, case load and clearance progress.
  • Courtroom-ready cases – Investigate streamlines the process for hand off to prosecution packaging all evidence into a secure electronic file.