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The Impact of ShotSpotter on Police Agencies


Gun Violence is an Epidemic. Many Communities Aren’t Resourced to Combat It.

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Gun violence in America’s cities is a devastating epidemic. It has killed more than 65,000 individuals and injured several hundred thousand in just the last five years. What’s more devastating – 80% of gunfire incidents are never reported to police.

Be proactive against gun violence with ShotSpotter Respond. Make sure your agency knows about all gunfire and can respond immediately to the crime scene even if it’s not reported.


Impact of ShotSpotter Respond on Gun Violence

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1. Reporting

without ShotSpotter
< 12% of gunfire reported

with ShotSpotter
> 90% of gunfire reported

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2. Time to Dispatch

without ShotSpotter
avg. of 4.5 min

with ShotSpotter
< 60 sec

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3. Crime Scene Location

without ShotSpotter
> 780 ft away from shots fired

with ShotSpotter
< 82 ft away from shots fired

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4. Shell Casing Collection (homicide cases)

without ShotSpotter
50% found

with ShotSpotter
89% found

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5. Victims Transport Time

without ShotSpotter
10.3 min on avg (< 5 miles)

with ShotSpotter
6.8 min on avg (< 5 miles)


Proactively Address Gun Violence and Build Community Trust with ShotSpotter Gunshot Detection



Verified gunfire alerts in <60 seconds enable rapid, precise responses.



Consistent detection and response lead to lower gun violence.



Improve evidence collection to solve more cases.


ShotSpotter Respond Enables Police to Provide a
Consistent, Rapid, and Precise Response

See how ShotSpotter Gunshot detection works


Improve Evidence Collection
and Feed Your NIBIN Program

  • Recover more shell casings with precise location of shots fired
  • Locate more witnesses
  • Identify shooters faster
  • Disrupt the shooting cycle
PERF Study – ShotSpotter Value with NIBIN


ShotSpotter can Multiply the Value of Your
Other Technologies

Gunfire alerts can be integrated directly with multiple technology platforms for immediate benefit such as:

  • Point and zoom cameras toward gunfire incident
  • Display gunshot location on crime maps in real-time
  • Gunshot incident data can be set up to automatically transfer to CAD/RMS/Crime Analysis Tools
Community Privacy Protections
Patrol Management


Agencies Drive Positive Outcomes in Their Communities

West Palm Beach, FL

60% & 65%
reduction in homicides and other gun incidents with injuries YTD
Read More

Denver, CO

1,848 & 337
shell casing connections &
arrests (2018 - 2021)
Read More

Pittsburgh, PA

Gunshot victims found with the help of ShotSpotter
Read More


Trusted Partner to Law Enforcement and Communities

After almost 30 years in law enforcement, I’ve yet to find a more profound and proven way to increase community/police relations than ShotSpotter.
Chief Scott Ruszkowski South Bend, IN | Customer since 2014
Ultimately, ShotSpotter gunfire data enables us to save lives by rendering aid to victims immediately, improve evidence collection, prosecution and overall police effectiveness.
Chief Frank Adderley West Palm Beach, FL | Customer since 2018
The ShotSpotter technology targets [gun] violence, quickly puts our officers where they’re needed, and helps us identify shooters, while building trust and restoring peace in the challenged communities we serve.
Chief Skip Holbrook Columbia, SC | Customer since 2019
[ShotSpotter] is saving us time, making us more efficient and allowing us to solve crimes, and to link crimes … the linking of the shell casings allows us to see trends, see pictures and to realize if we’re having a spike in a certain group, and be able to address those needs better.
Chief Renee Dominguez New Haven, CT | Customer since 2009
ShotSpotter is an always present and unbiased source of information for us. We don’t have to rely on people to call 9-1-1. It’s always listening.
Deputy Chief Scott Gray Omaha, NE | Customer since 2011
To stop gun violence, we need to know where it’s occurring and ShotSpotter has detected hundreds of shootings that would have otherwise gone unreported. Our expansion of ShotSpotter is helping us reduce crime and make our neighborhoods safer.
Captain James LaRochelle Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, NV | Customer since 2017
ShotSpotter has been a game changer here in Chicago. We are correlating more shootings based on the evidence collected from the exact location.
Lieutenant Laura West Strategic Data Analytics Division, Chicago Police, IL | Customer since 2012
ShotSpotter is an important forensic tool that is more reliable than witnesses. My office relies on it to provide hard evidence on which gun fired first and from what precise location to help prosecute criminals.
District Attorney Hillar Moore East Baton Rouge, LA | Customer since 2007
I’m without 15 officers is a huge amount for Salinas. I have to use technology to augment what we do, to keep my community safe. I need this technology to keep us safe.
Roberto Filice, Salinas Police Chief Salinas, CA | Customer since 2016
In the short time that ShotSpotter has been in place, Cleveland Police Officers have been able to save the lives of at least six gunshot victims. I will continue to be a supporter of technology that saves lives and makes my community safer.
Blaine A. Griffin, Cleveland Council President Cleveland, OH | Customer since 2020
Since the city first adopted the ShotSpotter program in 2014, the homicide rate has plummeted by 35%. Gunshot incidents as an activity has been reduced by about 50% in the same period of time.
Mayor Francis Suarez Miami, FL | Customer since 2014
We’re seeing a 40% reduction in gun violence in areas we’re using ShotSpotter. We’re proud to be a ShotSpotter city.
Mayor John Cranley Cincinnati, OH | Customer since 2017
We are a smaller city, but are no less susceptible to the ravages of gun violence in our community...In just the first three months we have already seen very impressive results.
Mayor Leon Rockingham, Jr North Chicago, Illinois | Customer since 2020
Giving agencies of our size access to this important tool is critical for increasing the effectiveness of the investigations of shots fired calls and makes a statement that our city is taking proactive steps to reduce gun violence.
Frank Kosman, Kankakee Chief of Police Kankakee, Illinois | Customer since 2020

ShotSpotter Respond Frequently Asked Questions

What is ShotSpotter?

Police rely on the community to call 911 if gunshots are fired, but only 20% of incidents are ever reported on average. This creates a situation where police departments have a large data gap that makes it difficult to be able to effectively “serve and protect” when it comes to gun violence. ShotSpotter fills the gap with a network of acoustic sensors that can detect, locate and alert police to nearly all gunshot incidents. The system is in operation in more than 120 cities and is used by police to: 1) be able to respond to a higher percentage of gunfire incidents; 2) improve response times to crime scenes to better aid victims and find witnesses; and 3) help police locate key evidence to identify and prosecute suspects.
ShotSpotter uses an array of acoustic sensors that are connected wirelessly to ShotSpotter’s centralized, cloud-based application to reliably detect and accurately locate gunshots using triangulation. Each acoustic sensor captures the precise time and audio associated with impulsive sounds that may represent gunfire. This data is used to locate the incident and is then filtered by sophisticated machine algorithms to classify the event as a potential gunshot. Acoustic experts, who are located and staffed in ShotSpotter’s 24×7 Incident Review Center, ensure and confirm that the events are indeed gunfire. They can append the alert with other critical intelligence such as whether a fully automatic weapon was fired or whether there are multiple shooters. This entire process takes less than 60 seconds from the time of the shooting to the digital alert popping onto a screen of a computer in the 911 Call Center or on a patrol officer’s smartphone or mobile laptop.
ShotSpotter is used in more than 120 cities and is highly regarded by law enforcement as a critical component of gun violence prevention and reduction strategies. ShotSpotter protects a wide range of city types and sizes ranging from urban metropolitan cities such as Chicago and New York City; to medium-sized cities such as Boston, Denver, and Oakland; and small cities with populations less than 50,000 such as Richmond, CA and Pleasantville, NJ. A list of all ShotSpotter cities can be found here.
Gunshot detection by itself is not a panacea for gun violence, but if used as part of a comprehensive gun crime response strategy, it can contribute to a reduction. The vast majority of cities that have adopted ShotSpotter have done so as part of an overall strategy and have seen great value and experienced positive outcomes such as reduced gun violence, an increase in arrests, and an improvement in police-community relations. Please visit Results for more details.
The ShotSpotter system is highly accurate at detecting outdoor gunshots. In 2019 the system had a 97% aggregate accuracy rate across all of our customers including a very small false positive rate of less than 0.5% of all reported gunfire incidents.

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