Law Enforcement Executives talk about how ShotSpotter makes a difference in policing today.

Officers have come to rely on ShotSpotter as a critical component of their job – helping to:

  • Increase evidence collection
  • Enhance community feelings that “police care”
  • Increase community reporting crimes
  • Drive down persistent gunfire in urban cities
  • Increase tactical awareness and response while in the field
  • Strengthen community and police engagement

“Officers are coming to me to make sure they have ShotSpotter. ShotSpotter is being used by not only just responding officers but also by prosecution.”

Dan Cotter
Police Captain
Somerville Police Department
Somerville, MA

“Sometimes a community feels like police don’t care about them or certain parts of the city. This technology alerts us about things that aren’t necessarily reported…so we’re showing up and now the community knows we do care.”

David Salazar
Police Captain
Milwaukee Police Department
Milwaukee, WI

“The benefits of ShotSpotter includes the component of police officers collecting evidence. It has been huge for time and money savings. It used to take officers walking 5 blocks to collect evidence – now they’re doing it in 25 meters!”

Scott Ruzskowski
Chief of Police
South Bend Police Department
South Bend, IN

“This is a tool we are going to use to impact gun violence in our city and it’s been effective. With ShotSpotter, we have a better idea of how many shots are fired in our community.”

Archibold Generosos
Assistant Chief of Police
New Haven Police Department
New Haven, CT

“Our cops have come to rely on ShotSpotter as a component of how to do their jobs better. ShotSpotter provides tactical awareness, tactical advantage and situational awareness when we get a live gunfire incident.”

Allwyn Brown
Chief of Police
Richmond Police Department
Richmond, CA

“One of the big highlights (of using ShotSpotter) from 2012 until 2016 is that we saw a 159% increase in cartridge recovery…almost 1,000 cartridges recovered.”

Michael Calo
Police Commander
Denver Police Department
Denver, CO

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