Proven Crime-Fighting Tool Disrupts Gun Violence Cycle

Identify and Accurately Locate Gunshots in Seconds

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Fundamental Challenges Law Enforcement
Face in Dealing with Gun Violence

On average only 20% of gunfire incidents are reported to 911. This means police are working with an 80% deficit in intelligence as it relates to gun violence and are unable to respond to the majority of shootings.

Even when gunfire is reported to 911, there is a several minute delay in getting information to police. In addition, the reported location of the gunfire is often vague or inaccurate due to limitations in human hearing. The result is that critical time is lost getting police to the actual crime scene.

Impact of These Challenges


Under the 911 model, the opportunity to arrive at the scene quickly to identify suspects and witnesses or render lifesaving aid is extremely limited.


For community members who live where gunfire occurs, the lack of a precise and consistent response from police can fuel a negative perception of law enforcement and a belief that they don’t care.


Persistent gunfire in a community carries a heavy social, psychological and economic toll. View here

Proven Technology Exists to Better Address Gun Violence

ShotSpotter is able to fill the gunfire data gap with a network of acoustic sensors and sophisticated software to detect, locate and provide precise information about 90% or more of gunfire incidents in less than 60 seconds.


of incidents reported in less than 60 seconds


ShotSpotter detects and locates gunfire to enable a fast and precise response to over 90% of gunfire incidents. A consistent police response acts as a strong deterrent and can disrupt the gun violence cycle. A fast response to a precise location can lead to faster aid to victims, identifying more witnesses and finding more evidence.



ShotSpotter protects officers by providing them with increased awareness about gun violence actively occurring in the areas they patrol day-in and day-out. The system provides critical situational intelligence when responding to specific incidents such as multiple shooters, numbers of rounds fired, and presence of semi-automatic weapons.



ShotSpotter helps law enforcement connect with the communities they serve. A consistent response helps change the perception of law enforcement from one of an occupying military force to guardians who are there to protect and serve. This can have a transformative impact on police-community relations.

Improve Evidence Collection and Feed Your NIBIN Program

  • Recover more shell casings and firearms with precise location of shots fired
  • Locate more witnesses
  • Identify shooters faster
  • Disrupt the shooting cycle