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Find funding sources to support reducing gun violence in your community


Budgets are tight throughout the U.S; law enforcement is constantly being asked to do more with less. Reducing illegal gunfire and associated crimes is a top priority for most communities, but where will the money come from? If you want to bring ShotSpotter into your community, please don’t let the funding issue be a stumbling block. There are a variety of funding resources that ShotSpotter can help you access.

Our funding consultants will provide your agency with a free review of all available grants. You won’t have to choose between ShotSpotter's gunfire detection and alert system or putting more officers on the streets – the federal grants we help you access can typically only be used for community enhancement and require no local matching funds. We can also tackle funding for multi-year projects.

Contact us today to review your funding options. Our team will help you select and apply for the program(s) that are the best fit for your community. Click on any highlighted link below to see specific samples or read our FAQ.

ShotSpotter helps you access the following funding sources:

Federal Competitive Grants and Formula Funds

  • DOJ, Homeland Security, HUD
  • HUD Public Housing Capital Fund
  • HUD Public Housing Operations and Maintenance Funds
  • HUD Safety and Security Grant Program
  • HUD Community Development Block Grant
  • USDOJ Byrne/JAG State and Local Formula Funds
  • FEMA Urban Area Security Initiative
  • FEMA State Homeland Security Grant Program
  • USDOJ Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation Program
  • USDOJ Project Safe Neighborhoods
  • USDOJ Smart Policing Initiative Grant Program
  • USDOJ Community Policing Development Program

Asset Forfeiture Funds

  • These funds are from seized properties that are sold at auction to the private sector. These proceeds can be used for law enforcement purposes, excluding hiring personnel. ShotSpotter qualifies as an appropriate use.

Community Public Safety Partners

  • District Attorney’s office
  • County Sheriff
  • Fusion Areas/HIDTA etc.

Public Housing Agencies

  • Public Housing Capitol Fund
  • Public Housing Operations and Maintenance Fund
  • HUD Safety and Security Grant

Community Funds

  • Foundations
  • Business Sponsorships

You can work with our funding consultants to apply for any/all of the above. Our goal is to maximize your chances of success and guide you towards the easiest ways to fund ShotSpotter in your community.

Download the ShotSpotter Funding Datasheet

Download the ShotSpotter Tips to Secure funding for ShotSpotter Datasheet

Download the Best practices on how to secure federal or state funding for ShotSpotter Presentation

Download the Best practices on how to secure federal or state funding for ShotSpotter Webinar

Funding FAQ

Click on any question below to learn more.

Can we pursue multiple funding sources?

Yes. In fact, agencies are encouraged to apply for as many appropriate funding opportunities as possible. Many of the funding opportunities require no local match and there is no penalty for pursuing multiple sources.

How can the ShotSpotter funding team help?

We provide one-on-one service and will walk you and your agency through the process, including:

  • Analyzing competitive and formula funding opportunities,
  • Recommending the best approach based on your project,
  • Providing draft narratives and budget justifications for your applications,
  • Editing and positioning your application for success,
  • Putting you face-to-face with decision makers within funding agencies,
  • Helping you to pitch your ShotSpotter project while developing relationships with key agency officials and staff,
  • Engaging your Congressional delegations for political support,
  • Helping you to expedite drawdown of awarded funds.

To get started, contact us today.

How likely is it that we can secure funding?

Many of our customers have used federal and alternative funding for initial deployments as well as subsequent expansions. From 2008 through the present, our funding team guided customers toward securing more than $10 million in federal funds.

We need assistance finding funding. What should we do first?

Contact our funding team at funding@shotspotter.com or call us at +1. 510.794.3144.