Forensic Services

ShotSpotter Forensic Services and Litigation Support provides services including critical examination of ShotSpotter evidentiary data and reports to help improve understanding of a shooting incident. ShotSpotter can aid trial attorneys in their presentation of the shooting incident to a jury through the use of our forensic services and products.

Expert Witness Services

Expert Witness Services are available for an incident detected by the ShotSpotter system. In addition to trial preparation and testimony, this service includes a forensic examination of the data captured for the incident and documentation of that examination in the form of the Detailed Forensic Report (DFR). ShotSpotter evidence and ShotSpotter expert witness testimony have been successfully admitted in over 100 court cases in 17 states and in the District of Columbia. ShotSpotter forensic evidence has prevailed in nine Frye challenges and five Daubert challenges throughout the United States.

Read the letter of commendation from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms and Explosives about ShotSpotter’s assistance in securing a guilty verdict for an assault of a federal officer and discharging a firearm in a crime of violence.

Expert Witness Services are available at a rate of $350 per hour, minimum of 2 hours. You can click the button below to request this service or email to learn more about Expert Witness Services and DFRs.


Sample Detailed Forensic Report – click to see report

Sample Detailed Forensic Report – click to see report

An example of gunfire audio that is provided within the DFR

Detailed Forensic Reports

A Detailed Forensic Report (DFR) is a court-admissible analysis of a shooting incident captured by the ShotSpotter system that is produced by expert forensic engineers. It provides critical evidence of how, when, and where the shooting incident occurred. It furnishes demonstrative and dramatic evidence of the shooting incident by capturing the audio of the gunfire that can be replayed to a jury. This can aid in the corroboration or discrediting of other evidence in the case.

Detailed Forensic Reports are produced as a part of an expert witness service
request or alone for police investigative purposes such as search warrants or
officer involved shootings. You can click the button below to request this service.