Resources to Create Safer Cities
by Informing Elected Officials

Gun Violence Reduction Information Resources for Government Officials

Many of our elected officials – federal, state and local – are joining their communities across the country to jump-start programs to fight gun violence, get creative about finding the funding, and build on those initiatives that are leveraging the latest gun detection, alerting and analysis solutions are available today.

Governor Scott Walker, on April 11, 2014, signed Assembly Bill 693, which provided funds to bring ShotSpotter to Milwaukee. “We know the ShotSpotter program is effective in helping combat gun violence in Milwaukee,” Governor Walker said. “This gives law enforcement another tool and more information to help them keep Milwaukee area residents and visitors safe. The funding in the bill will allow the program’s coverage area to expand to nine square miles in Milwaukee with matching funds from the City and County.”


Mayor Bill de Blasio pledged in his recent campaign to bring ShotSpotter into New York City’s 15 highest crime neighborhoods. He said, “ShotSpotter is proven to greatly expand the ability of law enforcement to respond to gun crime and has been adopted by police departments nationwide. With ShotSpotter, every shot is detected and linked to camera footage that is sent to dispatched police officers. This technology helps to deter gun violence and empowers responding officers with better information, improving safety and response to violent crime.
Source: 2013 Mayoral campaign website, Oct 22, 2013


Oakland police have been reassured of continued funding for ShotSpotter after Councilwoman Rebecca Kaplan rallied the city council to act and co-authored a letter to the mayor in March (2014) saying that she “could not vote to support any [budget] proposal that eliminates funding for ShotSpotter.” Furthermore, she wrote, “Reducing gun violence should be a top priority for our city. ShotSpotter is ‘smart on crime’ and ‘an excellent investment in public safety’”. Subsequently, a spokesman for Quan said that the mayor “is supportive of ShotSpotter and has no plans to cut funding to it.” Turns out that Ms. Kaplan is entering the mayoral race in Oakland.


What can be done?

Gun crimes — the illegal use of guns – create an unsafe environment in which our citizens do not feel secure at home in their own communities. There are numerous laws already in place that make it illegal to fire a gun in an urban area. Greater focus must be placed on enforcing existing legislation.

And you can influence that.

Encourage your representatives to promote community safety and address gun violence through upholding existing gun legislation around the illegal use of guns.

In addition, you can get involved today in a variety of programs such as:

  • Text Message Tip Lines
  • Gun Buy-Back Programs
  • The Reporting of Lost or Stolen Firearms
  • Neighborhood Watch
  • Gunshot Detection and Location Technology

Download ShotSpotter Elected Officials Datasheet

What Can You Do? Get Involved Today!

Write your representative and encourage him/her to take gun violence seriously.

  • Download the 2014 Gunfire Index in its entirety at:
  • Comment on this report via Twitter using the #GunfireIndex hashtag
  • Share your findings and continue the illegal gunshot dialogue
  • Write your Congressional Representative and U.S. Senator
  • Sign a petition
  • Speak out in your community: organize community programs and write to letters to the editor of your local paper.

Together we can fight this serious issue and make significant progress. Hold them accountable and encourage them to start today.

The time is NOW.