Coplink X
Frequently Asked Questions

You can access a wide range of data, including: court data, evidence and lab data, NIBIN shell casing reports, mugshots, probation and parole information, stop data, tip lines, warrants, daily bulletins, CrimeDex alerts, BOLOs and vehicular data.

Your agency owns the data you share with COPLINK X, and you control which data is shared with the broader community of vetted law enforcement personnel. Your agency’s data is never changed or altered, just restructured and augmented to facilitate enhanced user interaction with the data.

All documents are stored online across multiple data formats (text, database, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, images, video). You can integrate dozens of data types, including CAD, RMS, stop data, bookings, court records, and person and vehicle data.

You can search on specific keywords of interest or even general attributes of a crime. Search results include a one-click link charting, timeline, hotspot, and geospatial analysis.