Cyber threats so outweigh physical threats that only minimal investment in physical security is necessary.


A physical perimeter defense, capable of detecting gunfire attacks in a timely manner, can thwart those attacks,
protecting both local assets (such as the 17 transformers destroyed at Metcalf) and the bulk electric grid.

Active Shooter Detection and Response for Subways and Transportation Centers

U.S. substations require pre-emptive
security measures.

A well-coordinated attack, similar to Metcalf, has the potential to cause widespread disruption of electrical services. Coordinated attacks on multiple locations would likely result in cascading failures with the potential to disable an entire region for weeks if not months. Recently NERC, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation, has been mandated to develop standards to address physical security threats, including gunfire and explosive attacks.

When seeking a security solution designed to address gunfire, insist on technology that will identify a wide-range of gunfire impulsive events. ShotSpotter SiteSecure™ is the only technology that provides the ability to detect and locate outdoor gunfire in a single turnkey technology platform. With ShotSpotter SiteSecure, first responders and security operations will be notified of gunfire attacks at your facility within 45 seconds, providing a complete “bubble” of protection around any critical substation facility.

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Wide area of detection of gunfire for instant situation awareness in airports

Providing first responders with real-time data
and instant situational awareness.

During the Metcalf attack, shooting continued for 19 minutes. With ShotSpotter SiteSecure, notification of the shooting and shooters’ locations would have occurred immediately, followed by a continuous stream of situational updates to first responders throughout the incident. ShotSpotter has a proven track record of providing unparalled gunshot detection, location and alert technology, and is recognized by Law Enforcement as a reliable and trusted source of critical high priority dispatchable data. ShotSpotter SiteSecure advanced, real-time gunfire detection, location and reporting capabilities are crucial to any comprehensive security platform.

A vital component to a substation’s security plan, ShotSpotter SiteSecure sets itself apart from current market solutions by delivering:

The precise location of the gun fire, number of rounds fired,

  • Wide areas of detection; ShotSpotter SiteSecure can detect gunfire from any angle of attack with and provides detection capabilities well outside the boundaries of a protected substation’s perimeter. This 360 Degree Geo-located Incident Detection eliminates any acoustic “blind spots.”
  • Robust, managed network. ShotSpotter SiteSecure operates on ShotSpotter's trusted 24/7 monitoring network, maximizing oversight and the reliability of real-time incident notifications. Unlike on-site solutions, ShotSpotter's cloud-based architecture eliminates the possibility of single point failures.
  • Law Enforcement’s respect and recognition. ShotSpotter is known and trusted among Law Enforcement. Incidents coded as ShotSpotter-detected gunfire, receive a high response priority compared to other calls for service.
  • Cost Effective Solution.

    • A small number of sensors provide comprehensive incident detection.
    • Managed, cloud-based system requires no customer overhead or on-premises server or I.T. support.
    • Our purpose-built sensor technology has a proven lifecycle in extreme conditions.
    • SiteSecure is available in 5- and 10-year lifecycle fixed pricing configurations.